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Friday, November 9, 2012


On guy fawkes we invited a lot of people to come over for a barbeque and to celebrate guy fawkes together. It was funny when my parents were getting everything ready because I was inside sleeping. They had everything ready except for the guy fawkes. When I woke up all my cousins and uncles were staring at me. So I went outside and then my friends arrived.

We started to light the sparklers and my brother wanted to hold one and he was only three. He wasn’t burning anybody or any parts of him but after two he started to point them at  our cousins. He didn’t realise he was making him scared he just wanted another sparkler.

After the sparklers we did the roman candles by brother was holding one with my cousin and then shot it at the clos lines then it separated. WE did the huge one’s and my dads friend jumped through it for connor it was funny but the weird thing about it was that he wasn’t burnt.



Our Assembly

As usual the school assemblies always start off with the national anthem it just depends on what country their in. We are in new Zealand obviously. So we sing the new zealand national anthem. After that we do a quiz. It goes like this every week the principal (Mr Burt) will give us a korero our job is to remember the korero and then put our hand up next week if we still remember if we get it right then we get a sticker. Our korero this week was were doing it right.

After that goes on we normally do sports then a song and then dental and reading. This week was different we did a song then sports and then the rest.
The song we sang was drums of the island that our awesome music teacher wrote for the school. Then we sang twinkle twinkle little stars for the little people. The sports awards were for three touch teams and I think 2 basketball teams. We had athletics on Thursday so we have to hand out the awards on next friday.

Two people got reading awards and they were James and Mohammed. There were heaps of dental certificates but I lost count.

We ended the assembly with a song Bruno Mars “count on me”

Friday, November 2, 2012

2 Unlikely soldiers

Once there were a group of soldiers that had been split up in to two pairs. They all were strong and brave and had a lot of weapons but their were two unusual people that always goofed off and never paid attention. So when it became to the war they were the first to cry and get caught.

They were screaming like girls and all of the other soldiers from England & Ireland thought that it was time to have a break so they all returned to their cabin but when the other team mates were going back they saw them nearly getting killed. So they saved them and got told to go away and hid in the toilets.

They came out of the toilet and the same thing happened but instead they got recorded and stayed alive the other team came popular because they posted the video on you tube. 

At the end every body was surprised that they were still alive and they were never aloud to go to war ever again. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Acrostic poem about my friend Martha

My favourite thing about her is her humour
Amazing at being a monkey on the playground
Really fast at running
Talented at maths
Her favourite thing to do is dancing
A lot of great ideas

Thursday, October 25, 2012

!!!!!Barbie!!!!!!! Coming to life

On christmas I had the greatest gift that a child could possibly have. A !!!!!!Barbie!!!!!!.. That night I saw a wishing well when we to the supermarket to buy roast lamb for dinner and pancakes and berries for breakfast tomorrow. So I asked my mum for a coin to chuck in and I wished that my barbie toy would come alive. That night I went to have dinner and forgot my barbie in my room. Magically she came alive. I saw glitter and light coming from beneath the door. At first I thought that we had a UFO that was landing and was going to invade the whole world.

But then I went to check on my barbie and the room was full of glitter and pink. Then I heard a little voice saying !!!!!!HI!!!!!! I got so scared and then she told me the story she had thousands of photo shoots and dolls made after her we were richer than the famous person in the world. Well not quite did I mention I take things a little bit over the top. Her first movie was Barbie and the nutcracker.

We had so much fun together with all of our adventures. Like Bands, Princess, Fairies, Mermaids, And we can’t resist Swan lake and rapunzel. It started to get all girly by the time I grew up so I had to try do an experiment to make barbie be like a normal girl. It worked but she could still replace her legs and arms.

P.S I do not like barbie and I never did.

Urls To Barbie movie's :

Bop It

Tauranga Adventure

Monday, September 10, 2012

Amittyvile horror

Welcome on this blog post I will be telling you about a horror called the Amittyville horror. It is a true story so I hope you check it out and love it or get frightened. Do not let little kids watch this movie if you check it out. This horror was in America. In the weekends I was bored so I asked my mum if we could watch a horror. The horror was called the Amittyville horror.

Once there were a family of seven, With three girls and four boys. They all had there own room but the 2 boys had to share one and the older brother Ronnie had to sleep down in the basement. When he was down in the basement he heard voices telling him to kill his family. Because they were a bunch of demons , So he went and loaded his shot gun and went in to each room shooting them in there heads. From the mum and dad to the brothers and the sister. The little girl Jodie heard all of this and went into her closet and was hiding when Ronnie came in he shot her. That went on the newspaper and news in America.

Mean while the blood got cleaned up and the spirits got taken away except for Jodie's. The family looked at the house and decided to buy it. They moved in and on day 1 the mother and step father where in their room and the clock had clicked over to 3.15 and the step father had been down to the basement and saw the little girl but the mother did not. When he saw her he got scared and started to puke so the mother went to the mall to get some medicine. And left him in charge .

When she went down to the mall she met a baby sitter . In between the mall and the date their were a tragedy with the little girl Chelsea nearly fell into the water . When the baby sitter came over she was telling the older brother the story. She went into the little girls room and started mocking Jodie because she got her fired . The older brother dared her to go in the closet when she went in the closet. The lights dimmed and the door locked she was screaming because she saw the little girl and put her finger in the hole of her head. Where the gun shot was.

If you would like more information check the movie out . Or wait till my next blog post. P.S this is only half of the movie.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Biggest Sneeze....

Do you now why you sneeze ? Well I will be telling you all about sneezes in my own imagination .

When I do any thing with dust or medicine I get a powerful sneeze that can make me travel to one country to another . It has a lot of abilities. That this big sneeze can do. There are reasons for the up sides and down sides.

Because it is annoying when I need to take medicine because of an illness and disorderly. Their are two reasons on the upside. First reason is because I don't have to clean stuff with dust and fluff. Second reason is because I get paid for taking people to other countries.

When I travel to other countries the gear you must have. Are helmets cloths suits. But not any suits, suits that are not going to put snot and spit. The spit that is go's on you, you can't see because it is very small. If you don't wear the suit you get an allergy.

It is only some times that when I sneeze all the yucky stuffs come out . But just in case I do I would were a suit for my own good .

Symptoms of this allergy are three eyes with conjunctivitis, pumpkin head, Camel toe and a hideous face.  

It is funny to watch them get this allergy but is not okay when KARMA strikes you . The symptoms of this made sure that all of the people pay for their suits if

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Acrostic poem about my friend Porscha

Playful and love sports most of the time

Only wakes up on school days
Running is her least favourite thing and sport

Singing is her natural hobby

Chocolate and caramel are her weakness and her favourite thing

Humour is her favourite thing

Accurate at maths and reading

Friday, August 31, 2012

Maria Abakumova

I am researching a famous russian Olympian that started competing in the olympics since the 2000 olympic games. Maria Abakumova competes in the women's javelin throw. She has received 1 Silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 1 Gold medal from the 2011 Daegu world champs. She has also 1 bronze that was in the 2009 Berlin World Championships.

Maria Abakumova is from Russia and was born in the city Stavropol. She is 26 years old and is born on the 25 of January, 1986. She is 1.79 m tall which is 5 ft 10 ½ in and she weighs 85 kg (190 Ib ).

She competes in the women’s javelin throw, which is in the Olympics, world championships, The Continental cup, World youth championships, European cup winter throw and the European championships.

I have chosen this athlete to do a bit more research on a different athlete from another team . Not from New Zealand .  I decided to push my self and that is why I have came a cross Maria Abakumova .

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chocolate world

Are you a chocolate fan and call your self a Chocoholic while this is my story to tease you or to make you want to go and buy some more chocolate . Really I’m going to tell you about all the different chocolates like caramel, white chocolate and chocolate . This is my story of telling you about chocolates and caramel with out using the internet except for the images .

Caramel is much like toffy but is much creamier and is way yummier . You can purchase caramel in sundaes , chocolate cadbury caramello , and in toffy apples . Also you can make it and then grab any sweet cupcake and pour or decorate it with caramel that goes along with any other sweet sauces .

Chocolates can look different and still have different tastes but that still does not separate them from the word yummy . White chocolate can be made from different brands but if you’ve noticed they all have one slight thing or ingredient  that is the same .  Giving us that creamy and delicious white chocolate taste .

Another original flavour is the plain chocolate I know it sounds plain but really when you put a little block in your mouth and you suck it down you will feel and taste that you love and know . It is just like a book you don’t want to read but you pick the book up and like it . Not really but do you know what I’m saying .

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Valerie Adams good news

With all the training Valarie has done . She had beaten the Belarus shot putter score from the final when just training . But with all the stress of her name not putting down for the olympic athelete table from New Zealand . She was very angry but to her luckiness of showing up early by 3 days Valerie Adams was able to tell the security that she was the unbeaten champion . In shot put . Because of that they had let her in but did not have a room to sleep in with all the drama . Of them not putting her name on the list .

When the day came to do the shot put Valerie Adams through 51.3 and the other competer through a distance that was longer than Valerie but after the devestating day for Valerie the yerine test came back all four of Nadzeya test were positive . They then found out tha she was taking steroids and was disqualifed . Coming clear to her that she was not aloud to play athletes for 2 years and may never come back to the Olymics ever .

Monday, August 13, 2012

Knee Injury

On Tuesday night while training for our Netball game at 5.05 I was side stepping and suddenly I fell over and hurt my knee. It was funny to see as I looked like a handy cap! When I fell I went to try and get up but my leg felt all wobbly and I couldn't stand up properly .

That night the pain didn't really help but I was really happy to go home and see what was going on instead of embarrassing myself in front of my netball team. When I looked down I thought that my knee would be worse but really it was just a bit swollen.

When I woke up I tried to find the time and eventually I saw a phone so I waddled over but when I checked the time and it was 5.35 I started letting my body wake up. Every thing was awake in my body except for my knee. I wanted to go to the toilet but when I stood up I collapsed on to the couch. As many times as I tried to get up it just made it worse. So I heard somebody in the house awake and I waddled over and asked for help. It was that bad that when we woke up we went to the doctors.

The doctors said that it was a possible sprain or tear to one of my ligaments and that to make sure I had to go to the Otara doctors to take a x-ray. The next day we went back for a check up and he had already looked at the x-ray and we just had to let it heal by itself but if some body hits it that would have to mean one thing and one thing only. OPERATION!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Rita Ora's Life

Did you know that Rita Ora's full name is Rita Sahatcui Ora . Her birthday is on the 26 of is November and the year is 1990 . She is 21 .  She  Rita Ora is a inspirational and is famous for singing song writing and for being an actress . In 2009  , she appeared on the BBC's Eurovision  . Later in 2009 she signed to Roc Nation Ora is a Kosovar Albanian .

Her origin is west London England and UK .  In 2012 Ora provided the vocals for DJ Fresh's  hot right know  which topped the UK singles chart . Ora's d├ębut single R.I.P  topped the singles chart in the UK may 2012 . Ora will be spend the summer opening concerts for cold play .

Her is some of her sites and songs . 

If you are upsessed with Rita Ora and want to go to her concerts than here is a link to her tickets.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going to visit Harold the giraffe

Going into the mobile classroom to visit Lynne and Harold. I was wondering what we were going to learn about? This time round. We then got told that we were going to learn about Brainy Bunch. We learnt about our body parts and how our body parts work with each other.

We learnt about the parts that break down our food and the other body parts that did other important stuff that I can’t remember. All of your body parts work together and have their own job to keep you going. If you don’t look after your body properly then your body parts do not do their best parts.

My favourite part was the end . When we got to listen to the song harold was singing . The song went like this super computer super computer super computer what’s it’s name super computer it’s your brain . It was funny and the top of the mobile classroom stars lit up at the top of us .

If you’ve never been you should really go . Because it is lots of fun and you will learn about your body . But Lynne always says tinana . Harold and Lynne are great people  .

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Acrostic poem about my friend Katrina

Kind to classmates and other people around her .
Acuratte at all of her tasks
Talks alot sometimes
Rugby is her favourite sport
Inside is not her thing she like outside
Nina is her nickname
Always awesome at every sport

Monday, July 30, 2012

Equestrian Olympics

Equestrian is a sport that is played in the olympics . It showcases jumping over stables and a little bit of dancing with a horse . There is a obstacle course that each competitor and horse has to do together . Their points are managed on how well they turn on the corners . There is absolute joy in feeling their powerful muscles with your every wish and command .

Whether you are a horse rider or not you should give Equestrian ago . If possible you will need to we're leather boots with heels also long pants are rirequired . A helmet should be provided in this sport in case you fall off and hit your head .  For the horses care you groom it . Did you know that you must by horse clothing before  you purchase a horse .

In a grooming kit you must have curry comb to break up the loose hair also a stiff body brush to remove or the debris and a soft finishing brush for the shine and gloss .

You must take care of your horse and concentrate on the medal . There is not that much techniques used in Equestrian but the one technique that is used on horses is love .

Winning a gold medal as a Equestrian is hard . You need to practise practise and practise . Also your horse must be 9 years old or more for them to compete in the olympics . Did you know that the 56 year old New Zealand competer won Bronze which made him come third . He had a 49.10 penalty .

Thursday, July 19, 2012

MT . Eden

Adventurous was what I was feeling on Friday . When we went on a trip to Mt Eden for an nature                 experience . From a mountain's view . We went on the flying fox also we walked with loss in our mind          when walking through the bush walk . There were rocks that were stacked up on each other it was cool       because it made you feel like you were bear grills . When the walk ended we were all lost and the only way down was to go down a hill . Slipping away to tree to tree .  It was like pinball for a minute but there were a few similarities .

After that I went on the flying fox it was fun and scary . At the end you had to put your head down or else it  will hit your head . After my turn it was my dad and my little brothers turn . He was happy as . with both of them on they nearly touched the ground . It was funny watching them .

We went on a bush walk it was freaky because it was just me and my cousin Gabby . And we went on           the rocks that were stacked up on each other . I had slippery shoes on and then I nearly fell luckily I had a   tight grip on to my cousin . We were calling my cousin and trying to scare my cousin . She then found us      and we were laughing .

To end our beautiful day we went home and got to play a basket ball game .  At the courts . When we were puffed out we sat on the hill and watched the sun set . Who would ever think a basket ball court was a nice place to watch the sun set

First time on Flickr

Hello as part of our immersion rotation we had the opportunity to use flickr . There we did a picture of the olympic sport that we like the most . Then we uploaded the picture to Pixlr . com . We then did a back ground of our sports venue . My one is Archery . Hope you like it .

Monday, July 16, 2012

Immersion Assembly

Walking through the door to school . I was wondering what we were learning about for this term . Turning around I saw the board that was telling us about what we are learning about . We then found out that we were learning about the Olympics but our heading was Go For Gold . I wasn't really surprised of the topic this term because of the Olympics . As I play netball and like some other sports I was really looking forward to doing some research on some different sports .

When I took my first step into the school  hall for immersion assembly my mind went crazy . Not like other assembly when the teachers are dressed like cave men and weird princess . This term they weren't that crazy only a bit . But when I looked around to all the teachers and teams that were dressed up and then when I looked around back to our team they were normal . Then I started to wonder what our item was going to be ?. It was the funniest there .

All of the items were inspiring and funny and had a hole lot of information  . After team 1 &2 I started to get inspired and I found out about some Olympians like Jesse Owen which is a famous Olympian for running . Did you know that he ran in the 500 kilometres and placed second .  Which would be pretty hard .

When doing his training's he had to run a 250 kilometres  track .

Do you know how to be a Olympian ?


Here's a few links to the Olympics site

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Picaso Rock Star ( Taylor Swift )

This is my finished piece of artwork . Which is a picaso rock star my rock star is Taylor Swift . I hope you like it .

PES art gallery

This is my favourite art work in the PES art gallery . This image was made from Courtney in room 13. I like it because it has a lot of colour and all the colours are bright . It inspires me because of all the patterns I hope you like this art as well .

Monday, June 18, 2012

Class Disguised As Candy

As I was driving the car something brushed up against my foot and my surprise turned to horror as I looked down and saw Mya and Robert the two scariest marshmallow people to ever arrive in the universe . “HAH” . Screaming of horror and help . I couldn’t stop just looking at their horrifying face . As their pale white faces and their creepy stubby little noses along with their big googly eyes and there horrifying mouths .  Going gupgup guggg trying to speak marshall language . Taking the car away to their own land . Where alot of candy were . I was just thinking about how yum they would taste if I could escape .

There I saw the yummiest ever M&Ms Called martha and Myas twin . I couldn’t wait to eat them but before I could I found myself in a dark room covered in chocolate and jelly beans I managed to gobble and drink some up but .  I got pulled away like I imagined those M&Ms I saw . But I was too busy looking at their world . There I saw the two jelly beans pink Martha & purple Giselle .

When I went through the last machine with Chloe my friend . Turned into chocolate thumbs . We looked the same like everybody says . We couldn’t stop comparing our self . But then we stopped as we were starting to get body’s . We started to make alot of friends . Without the idea of eating them now we were one of them . We decided to see their true colors . That they were EVIL .

We then ran into the room caught up in all the mess happening.

Getting too carried away and keeping on walking then we ran into WILLY Floss . He told everybody to empty their sugar pockets . And there was alot coming out of their pockets . The sound was shshshshshshsh shshshsh when it came to us you could only hear . Thump Thump Thump . That wasn’t even from us that was from him . And his candy cane feet . Faster then a flash he had already scooped us up or should I say tangled in candy floss .  

Problem : Candy was evil and they trapped us and we wanted to eat them .
Solution : He ate us and put us out of our misery .

Monday, June 11, 2012


Hello my name is Ashlee and I will be telling you about an annoying fruit . Called ANNOYING ORANGE . Alot of use might know him in annoying way or a funny or cool way . The cool and funny way that some people describe him  Is the way that my little brother likes . Of course he is only two and doesn't really understand . And if he did we would know why . Because he is annoying as well . Any way he has 480,153 views and that’s only on 1 of his videos . There is still alot more videos like the pasta one annoying orange vs angry birds and many more .

If you haven't watched any of the videos or don’t even know about him then here is a link to a couple of videos on youtube .

I hope you have fun watching these videos .

Thursday, June 7, 2012


On Tuesdays year 6-8 netball teams go to the Morin road netball courts to play in this years season . We are now in champion round and got put in to A grade with all the hard teams . It can be a bit pressuring because we are not in school grades but where in club grade as well . At training we have to work hard and have to come with the right attitude . To be able to win and have fun . But some times we are clumsy and talk which won't help us at all.

In order these are our netball girls Top Chloe , Raeleen , Quziyah , Tyla , Gloria ,  Then it goes Grace , Hope , Mele , Aldora and Me ( Ashlee ) 

On one of our game's we got to meet three people from the mystics . We got our ball signed our arms and a piece of paper . We did a straight face and a funny face picture . The people  in my team is Chloe , Raeleen , Quziyah , Tyla , Me (Ashlee) , Gloria , Hope , Aldora , Grace and Mele . Our coach is  Janette and our manager is Safron . 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Respect means to be kind have self respect and to have courage . Also to look after one and another and to look and listen . Speed matters too because to show someone you have respect you have to do as they tell you. Straight away not an hour later. Posture is to be standing straight just like they want you to stand . Sometimes it’s to believe in yourself and to not be shy and always to be confident.

It can also mean to try out new things .To have achievement and to live up to your abilities and qualities . Treat people how they want to be treated and to always be courteous . Also to call people by their full name or a name that will suit them . Have respect for yourself . To boys and girls .

Eyes and ears
Every one
Co operating

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Have you ever craved for just a piece of chocolate or a block maybe or even a store of just chocolate, caramel, cakes and all sorts of other stuff that are sweets. Well if I didn't all ready spook you with all that food . Then hold on tight and make sure you got some chocolate be fore you read more.

Making caramel you just can't resist just having a little taste or even a just coming from me I am a chocolate lover also caramel and all of the sweets you can think of. Do you ever get teased . My other things I like is strawberry covered in chocolate .  Also milk shakes with a little some thing 

Swimming Animation

Hope you enjoyed my movie That we animated.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012


Every wednesday room 16 went to aussie rules along with room 17. Our instructors names are Anita, Sam and Mike. There we learn how to do pass the ball and the drop punnet. When we go there we get to warm up by playing octopus, Stuck in the mud and more. Our rhyme is laces before faces.

How to pass the ball is easy you just have to do these tips. Put a hand flat like a plate and then in the other hand put your hand like a crushed ice cream and then place the ball on the plate and swing it and make sure that you have your thumb inside your fist and swing your ice cream cone and knock the ball off the plate.

Drop punt is a type of kick that people use in aussie rules or kiwi kick . You have your ball and then you face the lace thingy into the middle and then you put your foot out . Release the ball and then just let it drop onto your foot . When it reaches your foot then kick it . Remember to point your foot where you want the ball to go because it could go crooked

End time is the best to finish off we get to play a game hopefully we get to play a game of real aussie rules or kiwi kick . Because that would be awesome . Thanks for reading my story and learning how to kick and pass aussie rule ways .

Thursday, May 10, 2012


For our inquiry this term we are learning about Art Alive. While learning about our topic we got to look at some amazing Youtube videos about art . The most one that was viewed the most was the 3D chalk on the side walk.  Watching a 3D video that was posted on youtube I was looking at all the amazing designs and patterns . Some of the pictures were about pools, water and working. The 1 I liked the most would have to be the be the lady on the eagle.

In term 1 we got to research about a artist that loves doing pacific flower and is a great artist his name is Fatu Feu’u. We had to split our page into quarters and then we had to pick 4 of the greatest designs we liked then we had to blow it up onto a bigger piece of paper I picked mine as the triangles and pacific flowers and stripes. We only had to use three colours I choose orange, yellow and pink. Here’s my finished project

Monday, May 7, 2012

Swim Time!!!!!!!!!!

Walking down to the Glen Innes Aquatic pools in glen innes for our swimming lessons we were all excited to go down and get ready for our instructors. Because I have been unwell I haven’t been swimming. There are a bunch of others because they all had infections in their ears. When we arrived we had to wait for people to get changed into their togs and then we could go over and watch them. They all meet their instructors. I was watching their hands and they were malleable for nearly all of their swimming lesson!

They were doing all sorts of strokes and other stuff. Like backstroke, freestyle, white water and clear water.  If you're wondering what clear water is it’s when you're not aloud to splash and you're only aloud to swim without making bubbles. White water is when you make bubbles by paddling and kicking strong. You all should know what freestyle and Backstroke is! :)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Holiday Highlights

Lurking through the water, I was hiding from my little cousin. I was impressed of his swimming skills but at the same time I was still trying to get away cause he nearly was catching up. After a little while he snuck up and got me! After he caught me we swum to the edge where the baby pool was and we put our hands in the pool. This gave us both a fright because it was hot. So we quickly dunked our hands into the other pool and it was freezing

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Time!!!!!!!

Camp Time!!! for 2012 has now arrived and keeps getting better and better heaps of times well only for 2 years here's some of our highlights put on a presentation.


Pirate Story!!!!

“Hello”me hearty my name is captain cocoa short for chocolate . I look vicious I have a white T-shirt with a black cardigan over and some red pants they started out at as black but I've been on adventures that included killing. I have black boots and a hat on my hair ( blue ) I have 2 snakes in my sleeve and a talking parrot on my shoulder. I don’t be live in fairy tales or princess and fairy’s but I do be live in villains and crime obviously .

I’m a famous pirate for being the first girl pirate to travel around the country and kill many people but only for a reason I’m nice some times well practically just when I’m off the water but I never say hello. That’s probably my personality ‘’ Some Times’’ but I do say hi and I don’t kill I wrestle with my baby brother and he wins some of them . he's only 2. I also have my own island that I don't know what it's called.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ben Carson and the Intelligent story of his patients and life style


Going on our inspirational trip to see Dr. Ben Carson.
I was very exciting to hear his story of coming a dummy to a very intelligent man who split the 2 twins heads apart with out them dying. This the story from a child to an adult.

As you know Dr. Ben Carson grew up in a not so nice neighbour hood also not going to school in a good environment being the only dark coloured kid also with not controlling his temper and being the dummy. So his mother thought they had to start working hard him and his brother he had to read 2 chapter books a week and was only aloud to
watch 2-3 programmes a week, His brother had to know all of his times tables and was only aloud to watch 2-3 programmes a week they also were not aloud to go and play like all the other kids. From being at the bottom of the class to the top of the class the book's were helping him a lot and before you knew it he had kid's come up to him and ask him what questions was.

Being poor were not that easy for Ben Carson and his brother wanting what they could not afford.In to his courier. Did you know that a little girl had fallen and might have had epilepsy seizures and about week after week they just kept on happening it was so bad that they took her to the doctor and there was nothing he could do so the mum went and read heaps of seizures book’s to help then she took it to Dr. Ben Carson and he said that he would do it but the consequences were that she would be in a comer not be able to talk also walk all die . They said no but after another seizures they went back and let Dr. Ben Carson and didn’t wake up till 4 week’s and then slowly she was able to talk walk week’s after week’s .