Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Acrostic poem about my friend Martha

My favourite thing about her is her humour
Amazing at being a monkey on the playground
Really fast at running
Talented at maths
Her favourite thing to do is dancing
A lot of great ideas

Thursday, October 25, 2012

!!!!!Barbie!!!!!!! Coming to life

On christmas I had the greatest gift that a child could possibly have. A !!!!!!Barbie!!!!!!.. That night I saw a wishing well when we to the supermarket to buy roast lamb for dinner and pancakes and berries for breakfast tomorrow. So I asked my mum for a coin to chuck in and I wished that my barbie toy would come alive. That night I went to have dinner and forgot my barbie in my room. Magically she came alive. I saw glitter and light coming from beneath the door. At first I thought that we had a UFO that was landing and was going to invade the whole world.

But then I went to check on my barbie and the room was full of glitter and pink. Then I heard a little voice saying !!!!!!HI!!!!!! I got so scared and then she told me the story she had thousands of photo shoots and dolls made after her we were richer than the famous person in the world. Well not quite did I mention I take things a little bit over the top. Her first movie was Barbie and the nutcracker.

We had so much fun together with all of our adventures. Like Bands, Princess, Fairies, Mermaids, And we can’t resist Swan lake and rapunzel. It started to get all girly by the time I grew up so I had to try do an experiment to make barbie be like a normal girl. It worked but she could still replace her legs and arms.

P.S I do not like barbie and I never did.

Urls To Barbie movie's :

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