Friday, May 25, 2012


Every wednesday room 16 went to aussie rules along with room 17. Our instructors names are Anita, Sam and Mike. There we learn how to do pass the ball and the drop punnet. When we go there we get to warm up by playing octopus, Stuck in the mud and more. Our rhyme is laces before faces.

How to pass the ball is easy you just have to do these tips. Put a hand flat like a plate and then in the other hand put your hand like a crushed ice cream and then place the ball on the plate and swing it and make sure that you have your thumb inside your fist and swing your ice cream cone and knock the ball off the plate.

Drop punt is a type of kick that people use in aussie rules or kiwi kick . You have your ball and then you face the lace thingy into the middle and then you put your foot out . Release the ball and then just let it drop onto your foot . When it reaches your foot then kick it . Remember to point your foot where you want the ball to go because it could go crooked

End time is the best to finish off we get to play a game hopefully we get to play a game of real aussie rules or kiwi kick . Because that would be awesome . Thanks for reading my story and learning how to kick and pass aussie rule ways .

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