Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Time!!!!!!!

Camp Time!!! for 2012 has now arrived and keeps getting better and better heaps of times well only for 2 years here's some of our highlights put on a presentation.


Pirate Story!!!!

“Hello”me hearty my name is captain cocoa short for chocolate . I look vicious I have a white T-shirt with a black cardigan over and some red pants they started out at as black but I've been on adventures that included killing. I have black boots and a hat on my hair ( blue ) I have 2 snakes in my sleeve and a talking parrot on my shoulder. I don’t be live in fairy tales or princess and fairy’s but I do be live in villains and crime obviously .

I’m a famous pirate for being the first girl pirate to travel around the country and kill many people but only for a reason I’m nice some times well practically just when I’m off the water but I never say hello. That’s probably my personality ‘’ Some Times’’ but I do say hi and I don’t kill I wrestle with my baby brother and he wins some of them . he's only 2. I also have my own island that I don't know what it's called.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ben Carson and the Intelligent story of his patients and life style


Going on our inspirational trip to see Dr. Ben Carson.
I was very exciting to hear his story of coming a dummy to a very intelligent man who split the 2 twins heads apart with out them dying. This the story from a child to an adult.

As you know Dr. Ben Carson grew up in a not so nice neighbour hood also not going to school in a good environment being the only dark coloured kid also with not controlling his temper and being the dummy. So his mother thought they had to start working hard him and his brother he had to read 2 chapter books a week and was only aloud to
watch 2-3 programmes a week, His brother had to know all of his times tables and was only aloud to watch 2-3 programmes a week they also were not aloud to go and play like all the other kids. From being at the bottom of the class to the top of the class the book's were helping him a lot and before you knew it he had kid's come up to him and ask him what questions was.

Being poor were not that easy for Ben Carson and his brother wanting what they could not afford.In to his courier. Did you know that a little girl had fallen and might have had epilepsy seizures and about week after week they just kept on happening it was so bad that they took her to the doctor and there was nothing he could do so the mum went and read heaps of seizures book’s to help then she took it to Dr. Ben Carson and he said that he would do it but the consequences were that she would be in a comer not be able to talk also walk all die . They said no but after another seizures they went back and let Dr. Ben Carson and didn’t wake up till 4 week’s and then slowly she was able to talk walk week’s after week’s .