Friday, August 31, 2012

Maria Abakumova

I am researching a famous russian Olympian that started competing in the olympics since the 2000 olympic games. Maria Abakumova competes in the women's javelin throw. She has received 1 Silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 1 Gold medal from the 2011 Daegu world champs. She has also 1 bronze that was in the 2009 Berlin World Championships.

Maria Abakumova is from Russia and was born in the city Stavropol. She is 26 years old and is born on the 25 of January, 1986. She is 1.79 m tall which is 5 ft 10 ½ in and she weighs 85 kg (190 Ib ).

She competes in the women’s javelin throw, which is in the Olympics, world championships, The Continental cup, World youth championships, European cup winter throw and the European championships.

I have chosen this athlete to do a bit more research on a different athlete from another team . Not from New Zealand .  I decided to push my self and that is why I have came a cross Maria Abakumova .

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chocolate world

Are you a chocolate fan and call your self a Chocoholic while this is my story to tease you or to make you want to go and buy some more chocolate . Really I’m going to tell you about all the different chocolates like caramel, white chocolate and chocolate . This is my story of telling you about chocolates and caramel with out using the internet except for the images .

Caramel is much like toffy but is much creamier and is way yummier . You can purchase caramel in sundaes , chocolate cadbury caramello , and in toffy apples . Also you can make it and then grab any sweet cupcake and pour or decorate it with caramel that goes along with any other sweet sauces .

Chocolates can look different and still have different tastes but that still does not separate them from the word yummy . White chocolate can be made from different brands but if you’ve noticed they all have one slight thing or ingredient  that is the same .  Giving us that creamy and delicious white chocolate taste .

Another original flavour is the plain chocolate I know it sounds plain but really when you put a little block in your mouth and you suck it down you will feel and taste that you love and know . It is just like a book you don’t want to read but you pick the book up and like it . Not really but do you know what I’m saying .

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Valerie Adams good news

With all the training Valarie has done . She had beaten the Belarus shot putter score from the final when just training . But with all the stress of her name not putting down for the olympic athelete table from New Zealand . She was very angry but to her luckiness of showing up early by 3 days Valerie Adams was able to tell the security that she was the unbeaten champion . In shot put . Because of that they had let her in but did not have a room to sleep in with all the drama . Of them not putting her name on the list .

When the day came to do the shot put Valerie Adams through 51.3 and the other competer through a distance that was longer than Valerie but after the devestating day for Valerie the yerine test came back all four of Nadzeya test were positive . They then found out tha she was taking steroids and was disqualifed . Coming clear to her that she was not aloud to play athletes for 2 years and may never come back to the Olymics ever .

Monday, August 13, 2012

Knee Injury

On Tuesday night while training for our Netball game at 5.05 I was side stepping and suddenly I fell over and hurt my knee. It was funny to see as I looked like a handy cap! When I fell I went to try and get up but my leg felt all wobbly and I couldn't stand up properly .

That night the pain didn't really help but I was really happy to go home and see what was going on instead of embarrassing myself in front of my netball team. When I looked down I thought that my knee would be worse but really it was just a bit swollen.

When I woke up I tried to find the time and eventually I saw a phone so I waddled over but when I checked the time and it was 5.35 I started letting my body wake up. Every thing was awake in my body except for my knee. I wanted to go to the toilet but when I stood up I collapsed on to the couch. As many times as I tried to get up it just made it worse. So I heard somebody in the house awake and I waddled over and asked for help. It was that bad that when we woke up we went to the doctors.

The doctors said that it was a possible sprain or tear to one of my ligaments and that to make sure I had to go to the Otara doctors to take a x-ray. The next day we went back for a check up and he had already looked at the x-ray and we just had to let it heal by itself but if some body hits it that would have to mean one thing and one thing only. OPERATION!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Rita Ora's Life

Did you know that Rita Ora's full name is Rita Sahatcui Ora . Her birthday is on the 26 of is November and the year is 1990 . She is 21 .  She  Rita Ora is a inspirational and is famous for singing song writing and for being an actress . In 2009  , she appeared on the BBC's Eurovision  . Later in 2009 she signed to Roc Nation Ora is a Kosovar Albanian .

Her origin is west London England and UK .  In 2012 Ora provided the vocals for DJ Fresh's  hot right know  which topped the UK singles chart . Ora's d├ębut single R.I.P  topped the singles chart in the UK may 2012 . Ora will be spend the summer opening concerts for cold play .

Her is some of her sites and songs . 

If you are upsessed with Rita Ora and want to go to her concerts than here is a link to her tickets.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going to visit Harold the giraffe

Going into the mobile classroom to visit Lynne and Harold. I was wondering what we were going to learn about? This time round. We then got told that we were going to learn about Brainy Bunch. We learnt about our body parts and how our body parts work with each other.

We learnt about the parts that break down our food and the other body parts that did other important stuff that I can’t remember. All of your body parts work together and have their own job to keep you going. If you don’t look after your body properly then your body parts do not do their best parts.

My favourite part was the end . When we got to listen to the song harold was singing . The song went like this super computer super computer super computer what’s it’s name super computer it’s your brain . It was funny and the top of the mobile classroom stars lit up at the top of us .

If you’ve never been you should really go . Because it is lots of fun and you will learn about your body . But Lynne always says tinana . Harold and Lynne are great people  .

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Acrostic poem about my friend Katrina

Kind to classmates and other people around her .
Acuratte at all of her tasks
Talks alot sometimes
Rugby is her favourite sport
Inside is not her thing she like outside
Nina is her nickname
Always awesome at every sport