Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going to visit Harold the giraffe

Going into the mobile classroom to visit Lynne and Harold. I was wondering what we were going to learn about? This time round. We then got told that we were going to learn about Brainy Bunch. We learnt about our body parts and how our body parts work with each other.

We learnt about the parts that break down our food and the other body parts that did other important stuff that I can’t remember. All of your body parts work together and have their own job to keep you going. If you don’t look after your body properly then your body parts do not do their best parts.

My favourite part was the end . When we got to listen to the song harold was singing . The song went like this super computer super computer super computer what’s it’s name super computer it’s your brain . It was funny and the top of the mobile classroom stars lit up at the top of us .

If you’ve never been you should really go . Because it is lots of fun and you will learn about your body . But Lynne always says tinana . Harold and Lynne are great people  .

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