Thursday, May 31, 2012


Have you ever craved for just a piece of chocolate or a block maybe or even a store of just chocolate, caramel, cakes and all sorts of other stuff that are sweets. Well if I didn't all ready spook you with all that food . Then hold on tight and make sure you got some chocolate be fore you read more.

Making caramel you just can't resist just having a little taste or even a just coming from me I am a chocolate lover also caramel and all of the sweets you can think of. Do you ever get teased . My other things I like is strawberry covered in chocolate .  Also milk shakes with a little some thing 

Swimming Animation

Hope you enjoyed my movie That we animated.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012


Every wednesday room 16 went to aussie rules along with room 17. Our instructors names are Anita, Sam and Mike. There we learn how to do pass the ball and the drop punnet. When we go there we get to warm up by playing octopus, Stuck in the mud and more. Our rhyme is laces before faces.

How to pass the ball is easy you just have to do these tips. Put a hand flat like a plate and then in the other hand put your hand like a crushed ice cream and then place the ball on the plate and swing it and make sure that you have your thumb inside your fist and swing your ice cream cone and knock the ball off the plate.

Drop punt is a type of kick that people use in aussie rules or kiwi kick . You have your ball and then you face the lace thingy into the middle and then you put your foot out . Release the ball and then just let it drop onto your foot . When it reaches your foot then kick it . Remember to point your foot where you want the ball to go because it could go crooked

End time is the best to finish off we get to play a game hopefully we get to play a game of real aussie rules or kiwi kick . Because that would be awesome . Thanks for reading my story and learning how to kick and pass aussie rule ways .

Thursday, May 10, 2012


For our inquiry this term we are learning about Art Alive. While learning about our topic we got to look at some amazing Youtube videos about art . The most one that was viewed the most was the 3D chalk on the side walk.  Watching a 3D video that was posted on youtube I was looking at all the amazing designs and patterns . Some of the pictures were about pools, water and working. The 1 I liked the most would have to be the be the lady on the eagle.

In term 1 we got to research about a artist that loves doing pacific flower and is a great artist his name is Fatu Feu’u. We had to split our page into quarters and then we had to pick 4 of the greatest designs we liked then we had to blow it up onto a bigger piece of paper I picked mine as the triangles and pacific flowers and stripes. We only had to use three colours I choose orange, yellow and pink. Here’s my finished project

Monday, May 7, 2012

Swim Time!!!!!!!!!!

Walking down to the Glen Innes Aquatic pools in glen innes for our swimming lessons we were all excited to go down and get ready for our instructors. Because I have been unwell I haven’t been swimming. There are a bunch of others because they all had infections in their ears. When we arrived we had to wait for people to get changed into their togs and then we could go over and watch them. They all meet their instructors. I was watching their hands and they were malleable for nearly all of their swimming lesson!

They were doing all sorts of strokes and other stuff. Like backstroke, freestyle, white water and clear water.  If you're wondering what clear water is it’s when you're not aloud to splash and you're only aloud to swim without making bubbles. White water is when you make bubbles by paddling and kicking strong. You all should know what freestyle and Backstroke is! :)