Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RWC Grand Re-opening 2011

With soring lights coming from the vector arena what had started out to be a usual boring Friday suddenly became a night of unexpected events! As I had forgotten it was about to be one of the biggest rugby events New Zealand has ever had. We were hosting the rugby world cup 2011 and it was opening night the most exciting night in rugby history 2011 was the rugby world cup I thought that my night was another casual night as I had forgot I tried to figure out why there was lights and fire works but before I could try figure it out I saw the 5 minute reminder on sky.
With bright lights exploding in the air in all different colors for the grand that her mum said it but after about 30 seconds I got bored until my dad came back and was going to take us there I was so excited to get out of the house and get away from watching the boring movie with my cousin.