Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Term 1 Reflection !!!!!

Term 1 Wow it’s already gone !!! Well not exactly there’s still three days left but this is my term1 reflection. As you know our school Point England is having our fia fia night and that we had to practise. So during term 1 we had to practise every Thursday, after lunch.

Getting closer to the night we had to extend our practise to two day and then three now it is the week of Fia Fia and the term has gone so fast. So during class time we have to work so hard to get all of our work finished.

But we have had some exciting date’s like our picnic and our karaoke and W@cKe Hair day. My favourite was W@cKe Hair Day. Most of all this term I can’t wait till Fia Fia. Yey.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Keep our world clean

You might just think throwing your rubbish on the ground is no biggie but  unfortunately it is a biggie. As you see we are surrounded by bins and if not then pull out a plastic bag and put your rubbish bag in, It’s not hard.

Littering can kill animals, people and plants. I t can kill animals because they can eat it and die. We can die from it being in sewers and the environment not being clean. In other words you can die from oxygen because the air would not be fresh. Sometimes it can kill plants because of the environment.

People around the world litter for these amount of reasons. They can’t be bothered finding a rubbish bin or trying to act cool sometimes it can be because of the number of bins. If you litter and get caught there is consequences . The littering fine is $220

To keep our world clean we need your help. It only takes a little bit for you to help. Help and Keep our World Clean.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Brisbane Broncos

Do you have a favourite NRL team? I do it’s Brisbane Broncos. Ever since I was little my mum and dad liked Broncos. They have been watching their games ever since. They always invite their friends over to watch the games sometimes they mock each other’s teams. By the way their friends favourite team is Warriors.

My mum and dad have t-shirts of the Broncos because my uncle sends them over.Just recently my nan went over for her birthday and to visit my uncle. When she came back she bought my mum and dad a jacket, Straight away they tried it on.

My favourite player is Darren Lockyer. He retired at the end of 2012 because he wasn’t into it any more. He is now a commentator and even though he’s not playing he is a good commentator.

One day I want to be able to go and watch the broncos with front row seats. To be perfect I would like them to verse the warriors.