Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Term 1 Reflection !!!!!

Term 1 Wow it’s already gone !!! Well not exactly there’s still three days left but this is my term1 reflection. As you know our school Point England is having our fia fia night and that we had to practise. So during term 1 we had to practise every Thursday, after lunch.

Getting closer to the night we had to extend our practise to two day and then three now it is the week of Fia Fia and the term has gone so fast. So during class time we have to work so hard to get all of our work finished.

But we have had some exciting date’s like our picnic and our karaoke and W@cKe Hair day. My favourite was W@cKe Hair Day. Most of all this term I can’t wait till Fia Fia. Yey.

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