Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is water actually Healthy for you?

Drinking water is good for you because unlike other drinks water is the only drink that does not contain sugar in it. Water helps you lose weight, but it doesn't have any flavour that's why people often drink Powerade or other sports drinks because they have flavour.

Water can help you overcome some big diseases such as heart disease. Clean water can help you overcome diseases but dirty water can actually give you Water borne diseases like Giardia and Cholera. Luckily in New Zealand our water is usually clean. The country most affected by bacteria in their water is Africa. Water borne disease have caused over 1.8 million deaths annually.

It is possible to drink too much water. If you drank too much water you would not be able to control your bladder and would need to go toilet every 1-4 hours. If you drink a lot of water during a meal it can make you fill up faster.

Therefore my opinion on drinking water is that it is good for you. Even though it has no flavour it is still healthy and is one of the healthiest drinks in the world. If I was in a different country with water that had bacteria in it my opinion might change.

Friday, May 17, 2013

What's Really In Your Food Eggs?


New Zealanders eat 920,000,000 eggs per year. People love eggs and some have them different ways like poached, fried and scrambled. In a survey, fried eggs was the least favourite, then scrambled was second, and poached eggs was the favourite by far.

Caged hens only have a few centimetres of space and have to share cages. They don’t get out and stay in a cage for the rest of their life. Everything is run by computers and the first time an  egg will be touched is when just about to be purchased. Because as soon as the egg is laid they roll down and travel down to packaging. There is a wire to stop the hens from damaging them.
In the factory the lights and fans are left on for 16 hours a day.

Free range hens get to go outside whenever they want. There is no law for how long to leave them out and if they have to be shaded. So some chickens could just stay in their barn and lay eggs because of the sun. Free range eggs are expensive because the land is more expensive for them to be on, and there are less hens to produce eggs.

Hens who live in barns don’t get grass to eat and are not in cages. They have the ability to flap around and walk around the barn, but only have a little bit of space per chicken.  Like all hens these do get fed and go to a place to lay their eggs, which get rolled down for packaging.

Eggs have heaps of protein, the part of the egg with the most protein is the yolk. Eggs have B12 vitamin and at least 1 egg has 1/2 of B12 we need per day. Egg yolk colour is sometimes bright or dark some farmers feed them paprika to make it the right colour.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Nutritional Information

Samoa’s Favourite
per 50g

Tiny Teddy’s
per 50g?

1,870 kj
Total Fat
Total Fat

1) What can you say about the first package you looked at?
2) What can you say about the second package you looked at?
It has more sugar and salt then the other package.
3) Which food has better nutritional value than the other? Why?
Tiny Teddy’s. Because it has 7.4g and the chips had 1.75g
Now take a look at 2 more food packages: What were your findings?


Sandwich #1\


Sandwich #2
Corned Beef

Sandwich #3


“Pack your bags and don’t forget your togs because we're going on a trip to Waiwera” said Mum. When we arrived there I ran to get changed, but I got caught up holding the chilly bin. We went to find a place to sit down and then we had to eat. Unfortunately I got wet (when I was eating) because my brother ran into the pool and lifted his hands that were filled with water and aimed it at me.

Finally I got the chance to run and get changed. When I came out my friends had already left me. I went into the baby pool where my brother was and started playing tiggy. When we saw our mum we ran out of the pool and went to take my brother to the baby slides. When we were in line we told our mum to jump in or else we won’t be able to go on. It was our turn and we went down so fast but I think it was because it was approximately 300 cm. We went agai
n and kept going down in different ways.

When me and my mum went down she started screaming well I was having the ride of my life on the first drop on the twister she couldn't breath until the end because she was scared. On the straight down slide my mum thought it wouldn't be freaky. Because it was straight down. But she was wrong. I kept nagging her to go again but she was too scared. We got changed and then went.

When we got sick of the slide we went and watched Frankenweenie  until my brother got hungry. When he did I dropped him off to my dad and then headed for the giant slides. Waiting in line wasn't bad but the first 2 down was my friend and her mum they were scared even though they have been down already in the past.

When me and my mum went down she started screaming well I was having the ride of my life on the first drop on the twister she couldn’t breath until the end because she was scared. On the straight down slide my mum thought it wouldn’t be freaky. Because it was straight down. But she was wrong. I kept nagging her to go again but she was too scared. We got changed and then went.


We all know the wonderful, Intelligent and amazing WILL.I.AM known as the Will Power. Well why I am telling you this,  It is because that famous super star came to see how we learn. As I walked into the hall for the special assembly When he came he was seated by our school prefects. When he was walking down the middle to his chair I think his experienced would have been just like the red carpet.

When he sat down we said the prayer that was said by Vivienne then the Pounamu group came out and Patrick said the Mihi. The Pounamu group started and then we had the Hip Hop group perform they did a dance to can’t hold us by Macklemore ft Ryan Luis. We had him tell us the story about how his life was as a child.

When WILL.I.AM was young he lived in Los Angeles California in a little town called east Los Angeles and was very poor according to the rest of his neighbour hood and went to school he wanted to take care of his mother. Through music WILL.I.AM has achieved that.  After his story he brought out a big check saying 100,000.00 dollars he held it up he said it was a donation to the Manaiakalani schools also he said that he was starting a foundation called I AM Angel sponsored by the Hallenstein Brothers.   It is about educating kids and making their dreams come true.

At the end of assembly it was time to go back to class while WILL.I.AM talked to the media. When we put our heads in our work we had to clean our classroom before he came. At the time that he came  our class was clean and he got asked a question the question was asked why did you come to our school. He said because of our work on line. Unfortunately that was the last time we got to see him. It was a privilege to see him and I hope he comes back soon.