Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chocolate world

Are you a chocolate fan and call your self a Chocoholic while this is my story to tease you or to make you want to go and buy some more chocolate . Really I’m going to tell you about all the different chocolates like caramel, white chocolate and chocolate . This is my story of telling you about chocolates and caramel with out using the internet except for the images .

Caramel is much like toffy but is much creamier and is way yummier . You can purchase caramel in sundaes , chocolate cadbury caramello , and in toffy apples . Also you can make it and then grab any sweet cupcake and pour or decorate it with caramel that goes along with any other sweet sauces .

Chocolates can look different and still have different tastes but that still does not separate them from the word yummy . White chocolate can be made from different brands but if you’ve noticed they all have one slight thing or ingredient  that is the same .  Giving us that creamy and delicious white chocolate taste .

Another original flavour is the plain chocolate I know it sounds plain but really when you put a little block in your mouth and you suck it down you will feel and taste that you love and know . It is just like a book you don’t want to read but you pick the book up and like it . Not really but do you know what I’m saying .

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