Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Valerie Adams good news

With all the training Valarie has done . She had beaten the Belarus shot putter score from the final when just training . But with all the stress of her name not putting down for the olympic athelete table from New Zealand . She was very angry but to her luckiness of showing up early by 3 days Valerie Adams was able to tell the security that she was the unbeaten champion . In shot put . Because of that they had let her in but did not have a room to sleep in with all the drama . Of them not putting her name on the list .

When the day came to do the shot put Valerie Adams through 51.3 and the other competer through a distance that was longer than Valerie but after the devestating day for Valerie the yerine test came back all four of Nadzeya test were positive . They then found out tha she was taking steroids and was disqualifed . Coming clear to her that she was not aloud to play athletes for 2 years and may never come back to the Olymics ever .

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