Saturday, November 29, 2014

Story line's Festival

Over 600 kids from schools all over Auckland went to the Manukau events Center on Thursday to see some of their favorite authors, also to listen to some other amazing New Zealand authors to. Why you ask because they are apart of the Story line's Festival.

There were only 4 speakers with all inspiring books and tales. They showed the books that they did and how they came to be the person that they are. All 4 of them were girls and there names were Juliette Mclver, Cath Mayo, Jill MacGregor and Paula Green. You might remember them or may there your favorite authors.

My 2 favorite authors from that day was Juliette Mclver and Jill MacGregor. Because they kept me entertain and I wasn't bored when they were speaking about their books. Another reason was because they were both wacky and lit up the room with laughs.

If I had the opportunity to speak at the Story line's festival I would, something I would have liked to ask them was how old were they when they decided they wanted to be an author. Was it on purpose or accident.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tragic House Fire

Last week a horrible house fire happened in Hamilton. It was a terrible tragedy that took the life of three young people aged 17, 19 and 23. The fire broke out after a party that was held in Collingwood street. There was four that escaped the blaze they were Bayley Reid, 17, of Hamilton, Raine Tarawa, of Tauranga, Joseph Soutar, of Tauranga and Michael Heyes, of New Plymouth. They escaped by jumping out of windows with just minor injuries.

With every one else the four survivors payed their respects to those who were killed in the blaze. Not only did they have funerals for the families to remember them by they also had a lantern commemoration. The Police arrested three people on that night for being disrespectful and also four teenagers for drinking vigil outside the house.

Police are still investigating the house fire and who might have caused the tragedy. They were looking for video footage of the party. What they already know is that earlier on in the night a fight broke out that night over someone taking a beer.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mr Tele'a/ Pe'a

As part of Art Attack the extension group took a deeper look at symbolism. We looked at the different cultures and the symbols tat represent them. They got inspired by the things that use to help them when times were rough like objects, animals, creatures and plants.

To give us some more information Mrs Tele'a brought in her husband to show us his Pe'a. We got to ask some questions about the process, his feelings, and more and more about the tattoo. One of us asked about the design and if he got to pick the design or if the tattooist designed it himself. The answer was the tattooist had studied his tribe and family and had a picture in his head that he had free styled on to his skin.

Since we had already been studying the subject we got a few minutes to work as a group and come up with some questions that we could ask him when he arrived here they are.

Questions and Answers:

  1. Josephine - Would you mind if your sons got a tatau too?
  2. Josephine - Which family did your tattoo?
  3. Ashlee - Did you ever have a moment where you didn't want to complete the process
  4. Ashlee - Was it a choice or a must.
  5. What did you want to do when you were getting your tattoo done?
  6. How long did it take to get it done?

1. He would be proud of his son if he got a Pe'a but it wouldn't be something he would force him to do as it's his choice. Another worry would be if he could handle the long process and the pain.

2. As their are two very famous families in Samoa that are known very well for doing tattoos we decided to ask who done his Pe'a. We found out that it was a guy named Tuifa'asisina Su'a. Which was part of the Su'a family.

3. Sometimes but he kept going because and unfinished Pe'a is called a Pe'a muku which is embarrassing to walk around with an unfinished Pe'a.

4. To find out if it was more a must by his parents and family or if he had chose to get his Pe'a done. Finding out our answer we discovered that he had chosen to get his Pe'a done.

5. Someone from our group had asked what he wanted to do when getting his tattoo done. He said that he just wanted it to be finished and over.

6. The process is quite long and one of their superstitions is that when getting a Pe'a done you must have a Partner, which is called a Soa to get the tattoo done with. Which made the process longer but the days it took to get his and his Soa Pe'a done was 17 days.

Here are some of the photos that we captured.

Where the tattoo starts is called a canoe
Below is some patterns and designs.
Some represent things that helped them survive when times were tough also some sea creatures and other types of creatures. Also things that mean something to either them or their tribe.
                                                                                   Inside Thigh

For those who don't know what a Pe'a is it is a Samoan tattoo that goes from the belly button down to about their knees. The tattoo isn't just for Samoan men but also women can get them. 

Front Legs
The tattoos are like a bat wrapped around you with patterns cause if you were to unwrap it of your body and place it on a paper it would look like a big picture.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly Term 4

“ Give it up for Team 4 “ Mr Burt announced with a tinge of excitement in his voice. The teachers from team 4 stood up, while wearing their disguises and walked upto the stage getting ready to wow us with their topic. Which they were going to be looking into during this term.

Standing in a formatted line the 5 famous artists held up their most valuable paintings. That they had brought to see which the audience preferred, this was held in our very own school hall ! They were a variety of different artists from different places in the world.

To help us pick which artist the audience preferred, they all had a speech prepared.
It helped us know a little bit about  where they were from and the techniques they liked to use also the inspiration they got while in the process of these paintings. Some of the techniques they used while painting was a steady stroke, dabbing the brush and doing blobs.

All describing where they were from and the different techniques they used. Majority of them had carried an accent from the previous countries, they were in. Even though some of them weren’t accurate they still made people laugh.

Here are the artist that were re enacted and cloned.

Fatu Fe’uu (Samoan)
Vincent Van Gogh   ( bandaged ear)
Pablo Picasso  (cubism) angular
Monet (French accent)
George Seurat  pointillism dots