Thursday, August 21, 2014

Algebra- Cup capers

Here is my solving of the problems above.

Valerie Adams Flag bearer ( Delayed )

The New Zealander who holds the women's shot put world record Valerie Adams was selected to represent New Zealand at the commonwealth games. How she did this was not only did she participate in the games she was the flag bearer. If you don't know what the flag bearer is it's the person who waves the flag when their country's name is called out.

She did a phenomenons job even though its quite a simple job but a huge privilege. " It was pretty scary I didn't know what I was doing I just tried to do what the others did" she had said after the opening ceremony. " Hopefully I did new Zealand proud" She quoted before she left to go and practice for her games.

At the end of the games her practice had payed of when she won the last gold medal for New Zealand. Also she won the 600th gold medal for New Zealand over the years. Here is a video of her waving the flag.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Completing the game Astria Countdown to Impact

Today me and my partner has completed and saved the world astria. It feels so good as the when we started we thought we wouldn't save the planet in time.

The most hardest section of today would be presenting our research and findings to the council to help find a solution. The key areas that my partner and I completed would have to be saving the planet. We already have saved the planet and are just celebrating.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kahurangi Maori Dance Group

Ring Ring Ring…. the morning tea bell had rang and it was time for us to return to our classes and line up. But it seemed when we got to our classes we didn’t enter. Some of us were puzzled because we didn’t know what was going on. Finally the teachers announced “ Face the other way and walk the other way”. Turning we realised we had a special performance from the Kahurangi dance group.

If you don’t know what the Kahurangi Dance group is they are a Big Kapahaka group who travel around the world sharing the stories and ancestry actions and songs. Quick Fact: Did you know that they have a base in the U.S how cool is that?

Anyway entering the hall we didn’t see the group instead we saw the blank stage. We sat down waiting for the performances. Soon they came out and did their performances it was very touching and amazing because of their timing with the actions.

Finishing their 1st performance they introduced themselves. Then they wowed us with one of their performances. They did a song together with both poi and mau rakau. Did I mention there was only 2 females and 3 males.
More performances from the boys were mostly showing their mau rakau skills. Then the girls were the different poi actions that they could do. To get a break they got three warriors from the crowd. Their job was to try and copy one of the males from the three with the mau rakkaus they borrowed.

Closing the show they sang two songs that were well harmonised and wasn’t flat. Adding Poi’s and Mau rakau it was spectacular.

By the way they don’t just perform in front of schools they also do big performances across the world. So check them about Kahurangi Dance Group

Algebra - Tuku Tuku Patterns


Here is my solving of the Algebra - Tukutuku Patterns. It might be hard to see as I took a picture from my maths book. Hope you can see it properly and give me feedback if I got an answer wrong or Correct.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Astria Compact To Countdown: Day 3

Day 3:

The game is very difficult at this stage because I think I am near saving the planet. It is working my brain really hard because I don't know where everything is and what I am missing. Hopefully the I save the planet Astria with my planet.

Can't wait till tomorrow when I play the game where I left over.

Astria Countdown To Impact Day Two

Day 2 playing the game Astria.

Today me and my partner have accomplished so much I think that we are going to save the planet in time. I am really impressed with this game because I am learning so much vocab and what it means I think that today or tomorrow we will be done saving the planet.

Tune in tomorrow for some more updates on the game Astria Countdown To Impact.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ki-o-rahi Descriptive Paragrapgh

Running to the ball the player bumped of the opponents that got in his way, Energetically the player jumped up and hit the te tupu ( padded barrel ). Unfortunately he missed but when up for another shot. Now it was just the player, the padded barrel and the keeper. The player took a chance and leapt up in the air and hit the te tupu. Cheering while getting back on defense the team were so relieved.

Netball Tournament ( Quick Recount )

The morning had started and I was getting ready to go to school. Except when I arrived at school it wasn't to learn it was to play netball, as we had our tournament. The Eastern Zone Netball tournament. The teams competing were the many schools of east Auckland had come to compete and be named the champions of the tournament.

The school who hosted this special event was Barredene. They had made it that there were pools of A and B which the school were divided into. When we had a gathering we talked about the rules and the code of conduct .  Which is how we play with our players and being kind to the referees.

The tournament had started and the games and breaks were going by so quickly that I can not even remember the scores. But at the end I can remember the Year 8 1 came 6th, which is the team I played for on the day.

Astria Countdown to Impact

To kick start the week we had a visit from some of the students from Auckland University. They were here to show us their game that they had put together over the time period of 6 months. They used us to help see if their game was up to standard or if it needed a few tweaks.

Personally I don't think it needs to be tweaked as it is a fun, knowledgeable and tricky game. Which is good as we will need to get our brains thinking when we arrive at school. Before we got to play the game we had to find a partner

Here are some Questions we got asked:

What was the most difficult part of today's session?
The most difficult part of the game for me and my partner was trying to crack the code to get the professors formula. 

What did you find easy and why?
I don't really know as I didn't make it that far in my journey to try and save the planet of Astria.

What key areas of the game did you manage to complete today?
All that I can remember is finding the clues for the secret code and watching the professor go crazy

Do you feel you are on track to make the final presentation to council?
Tomorrow or the next day I will definitely have to work faster if I am going to finish the presentation and save Astria  

What will you try and remember before you continue with tomorrow's session?
That time is running out and there is only a few more weeks before the Asteroid will hit the planet.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Diver Explanation

Standing at the edge of the platform the balanced diver was just waiting for the perfect time. Just seconds to go she had counted. Not one bone moved from the diver. Until she leapt of the springboard. She kept her toes pointed and her feet was touching.

In mid air she twisted and turned like a spiral. She added some somersaults but only being a 4ft drop she had to wrap it all up, by ending it off with a clean entry into the water. With only a minimal splash the judges and crowd cheered. As she got out of the pool.

The judges were taking a while to score the diver from Australia. Standing there cold waiting for the judges to score. Finally they put up their score cards 9, 8.5 and 7. The cheering crowd welcomed the diver to the top of the podium as the diver received her gold medal.

If you don’t know how they score the divers they do, 3 points for  take off, 3 points for flight and 3 points for entry. To score a 10 they must impress the judges with their performance so that the judges can give them a 1 for their liking.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Description of a Diver

Here is my one sentence about the balanced diver. This sentence is a description of a diver who is getting ready to leap of the platform.

Standing at the edge of the platform the balanced diver was just waiting for the perfect time. Just seconds to go she had counted. Not one bone moved from the diver.

Catherine Latu - Athlete task