Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Prize Giving

Prize Giving is coming up! Around the school we are all doing last minute practices and putting our items together for Thursday night.  We have 2 days left until we show our performances get awards and come together as a school, community and family. Anyone is invited to come see there children perform or even get awards or just come for a good show.

If you don't know what prize giving is it is when the year 1-8 children put an item together getting ready for the end of the year. Teachers usually start practicing 5-3 weeks before the event depending if there busy with trips or special events.

I am a year 7 and we have been busy with camp and other events so we only had a little bit of time but two days to the actual event we have gotten our item together and we are just doing the finishing touches and our costumes.

I can't wait to see everybody's performance and acts tomorrow night!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mele, Ashlee and Javana Hold My Hand Akon Ft Micheal Jackson

We made a MTV about Micheal Jackson we got the opportunity to pick our group. I picked Mele and Javana we then started making our MTV our song choice was Hold My Hand Akon Ft Micheal Jackson. Through out the progress it looked funny but when we sat down it started to get better.

This is our finished project!

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Surgery

For the last couple of days I have been resting at home after surgery. I had to have surgery because I had a sore stomach that turned out to be appendicitis it was painful but heres how it started and why I had to go to the hospital. Heres why.

On Tuesday Morning I went to the doctors for a check up to see what was making my stomach hurt so bad. The doctor saw me and didn't no what was wrong he sent me to the hospital just incase it was anything serious.

When I got to the hospital it was fast to get into Ed but it was a long time waiting for all sorts of test. Finally I got put in to a hospital bed waiting to have surgery it was a scary progress but I managed to stay strong. The next day when I woke up it was sore. I tried getting up and trying to move my bones.

My first couple of steps gave me a weird feeling because of all the medicine I had before I woke up. Throughout the day the pain was easing and I was able to go home. When I did get home my brother was ready to tackle me until I showed my plasters.

When I got home I still made the progress of getting better enough to attend school on Monday. I am now at school and feeling way better.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Literacy Rotation PMI

For literacy this year has been great it has made writing fun and also reading. Especially with our new literacy and creative rotation that took place around half way through term 2 and is still going on. I have learnt so much and improved in my reading. I am now reading at 14.5 now.

Positives: I have learnt so much, but not only literacy, maths too. I think the new literacy and creativity rotation is full of learning and fun as well . Also I find reading,writing and maths fun now.

Negatives: I have none.

Interesting: What I found interesting is that one week we do literacy and the other we get to creat a movie or a piece of art. So technically we use our knowledge for one week and the other we use our creativity.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Future Aspirations

We are year 7 and 8’s and half of us is going to college and the other half is getting ready to apply for a college. College is when you get serious in my eyes and chase your dreams and study. On Thursday we had 5 individuals come to our school to inspire us and tell us a little bit about themselves and about what they do.

All of the speakers were interesting and inspiring they had laughter and knowledge. Mosa Mafileo and Emma Brown told us that even if your Polynesian or Maori you can still be whatever job you put your mind too, because we are the same as everybody else. To wrap it up my favourite speakers were Mosa and Tristan because Mosa is funny and Tristan shows that even if you're big or small you can still achieve.

Well my future job I haven’t yet come across but at the moment I would like to do fundraising for charity.

Quick Details of my favourite speaker

*Mosa Mafileo
Mosa is the youth advisor rep for the mayor Len Brown
He is 18 years old and went to

Tristan Pang.Tristan is in year thirteen maths and science and is going on to university next year. The amazing thing is that he is only year 7.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Creative strand Art part

For creative strand we are doing art and in art we are doing A mural to make our hall not so plain we have worked out were to put the art work once finished.

In the process of making our mural we needed to measure the height of were our art is going to be. The measurements was 490 mm. We measured our boards and each board made about three after our precise measurements we sawed it.

Sawing the boards difficult for some of us but towards half way we started to get the hang of it. Our technique was to drag the saw up and do that for three times. Then we started to saw properly but as we got to the end we had to slow down or it would break.

We then sanded and painted the board. When we sanded the board we needed to make it smooth and as we were painting  we had to paint the sides and the wood side. Before we could do anything we had to let it dry.

When it was dried we got to put them all together and make a big mural with heaps of patterns. So far it is going great and we get to take a board and paint it. We are still trying to work out the colour schemes.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stranded On A Mysterious Island

On a camp on the mysterious island I didn’t know how I got there. The Island was in the middle of no where there was no way that I could go back until another 20 days. The only way to get back was by plane. We were stranded on the island waiting for another 20 days for a plane. Ideas were rushing through our head trying to escape from the island but it was hard without no electricity and food . Not really a life saver but near by was a bush full of fruits we didn’t know anything about the bush but we just was so hungry.

As we finished our lunch, Riley found something moving on the ground she was so scared as she thought it was a snake. But out came Willy Wonka it turns out that he had a meeting with the umpa lumpas we needed help getting out so we asked him if he could help us he looked scared and ran. “ Great no one can help us get out of here” said Maia. Relax its only another 5 days left says Kyana. Another day bites the dust.

Collecting as much fruit to make juice and food we didn’t know how to get back. Help Help we sat down trying to make juice with wood but it was only putting bark in the fruit NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Kaylen found a bit of light through a door but it was a gap the chain of doors and gaps kept leading on until it finally came to an end we ended up being just before our building.

By then it was only 2 days left and we were all tired. We ended sleeping for the 2 days but we woke up to the plane engine we were excited but it was a flash plane so we thought it might be for Willy Wonka some how it was a bunch of minions from despicable me trying to save us we met them and started jumping on the plane.

When we got home it turns out that we were on the wrong island at the wrong time. Our mum walked in saying that our trip is next week and we must attend. Never to be seen again. TADA.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Mihi ( Maori and English )

My Mihi

Kia ora tatou
Greetings to us all

Kua hui mai nei
Who have gathered here

Ki tenei kura
To this school

Ki te mau mai
To bring

I te aroha
The love.

Ka nui te hari,
Great is the joy

Mo to koutou manawanui
For your dedication

Ki te haere mai
In coming

Ki te korerorero
To discuss

I nga kaupapa
The topics

E pa ana ki tenei kura

Concerning this school

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Comparing Life In Auckland To Syria

The green is the life in Auckland and the black is the life in Syria

Waking up as the sun beamed through my disco patterned curtains I imagined I was having a daytime disco. When I stopped daydreaming, I could smell a nice hot bowl of porridge just waiting to be eaten. I put on my uniform as the coldness of the t-shirt made me shiver. I felt like I was abandoning my warm clothes . When the clock turned to 8.00 o'clock I then knew it was time to head out and demolish my breakfast.
I heard the yelling, screaming and crying when I woke up. I peeked out of the tent to see men with guns. I was scared and I just wanted to get out of here. I quickly tried to find my family to go find another place to live. Thoughts of whether I would live another day, was running through my mind. We then set out running hoping not to get killed we found a place in just outside
of Syria.

During school we learnt about charity and art projects it was okay but before we knew it was already time for the school news so I
packed up and finished my work. At lunch we played tag and volleyball. As the bell rang I was happy because it meant that it was the last block of the day.

After the bad wake up that happened this morning I was happy that I was still alive but still . It was getting really serious I  knew it was time to get to safety and quick. I don’t want this life I just want to live normal and safe.

Walking home with my friends I was wondering what was for dinner and the things that I learnt at school. When I got home I went to netball practice and had dinner after we went to sleep I sighed to myself “What a good life”

As it was time to go sleep a lot of things were running through my mind like will tomorrow be the same, will I live to see another day
and will me and my family have to put up with this.

Please don't take any offence

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Four Shot Movie Ashlee and Mele

Our story is about two girls playing basket ball they pass it to one another. One of them shoots the ball in the hoop. Our surprising twist is that when the basketball touches the ground it turns into a chocolate bar.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This is our task

I got it right because my pattern had reflective and rotational symmetry

Monday, September 9, 2013

Now You See Me

Now you see me

What is a new movie that show cases magic or illusionist ? Easy Now You See Me.

 So in the weekend I went to go see it.The movie is about 4 magicians who get a card that says there personality on the back. The card is like a invitation and they go to the address which is on the back. When they all arrived they never knew each other, they all thought they were the lucky one chosen but then the other people show up.  when they go inside they see a ugly apartment and a note saying Now You See Me. Once they read the card the projectors go on and they see all the blue prints. The blue prints lead them to this sign.

The next couple of years they were a group and on there first show in L.A they robbed a bank. The police got involved and they started to get bad. Their next show they hypnotized  a group of people to tackle like football players. And at the end of the show they go out and the police officer try's to get them and the group of people that got hypnotized came on the stage and tackled the officer.

Sorry but you will have to see it for you're self here is a quick link to watch online movies.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Polynesian Wood Prints

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed? 
 Was being able to pick my design. Also carving it out on a piece of wood for the first time.

Black Hat - Which things didn't I like?
Was picking my own design. I had trouble picking because I had second thoughts about if it would be to hard or detailed to carve out.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week? 
That I got to carve for the first time and that we got to do Polynesian designs.

White Hat - What did I learn? 
How to carve in wood and that it takes patience be able to carve. Carving is not something you just whip up in two to three days.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Should Pitbulls be banned in NZ ?

Should Pitbulls be banned in NZ ?

Pit Bulls aren't that bad because sometimes the owner could be the cause of their attitude or kids that walk past tease them and make them get all angry causing them to bark or bite. Some pit bulls are actually really good and listen if people show them some love. I think they are no different than any other type of dog. Because a viscous owner could have a chihuahua and treat it bad giving them the same attitude as the pitbulls.

Some kids complain about pit bulls because they are scared when they are walking past these dogs. All pit bulls should be locked up 24/7 unless the owner is at home so they don’t run away or escape. Most people that complain should actually take a better look and stop judging these creatures from the past because some Pit Bulls are actually as friendly as any other type of dog.

That brings the question back should pitbulls be banned from NZ? No Because I like pit bulls or any other type of dogs better than cats. But for cat lovers they might say yes.

What Goes Around Comes Around for Snow White

What Goes Around Comes Around for Snow White
A beautiful young girl goes strolling through the forest all alone innocently. She forgets about the rules and leaves her home. She runs and tries to hide her dark, dark secret. She would tell anyone, she would only give them clues. “The spirit of the person who had me, flew away”. But what does that even mean? Can you figure it out?

Snow White stumbles upon an odd cottage deep in the thick forest trees and bushes. She thought the cottage will be a lot bigger than she thought, but then she looked even harder and she saw 7 harmless dwarves walking into the doors of the small cottage. She straitened up and ran up to the dwarves sounding puffed to trick them. All she wanted to do was to get into that small cottage so her plan could finally work.

That night, she was in a room of her own that the kind dwarves offered her and whispered to herself, “They will listen to me and they will do what I want them to do!” and laughed madly and sounded like she had gone insane. The dwarves snored loudly in their snug beds while Snow White stayed up in her bedroom to improve her plan.

The sun rose telling nature it was morning. Snow White waited by the door for the 7 dwarves to wake to tell them what she really wanted. They walked down the short staircase and saw Snow White looking as serious as ever. She took a deep breath and spoke “I am in charge of you now, you will obey me and if you don’t, your head will become an ornament for the wall!” The dwarves were scared so they listened to Snow White and they became her servants.

Snow White ordered them to do anything she didn’t want to do, which was everything. It had been months since the dwarves had a long rest and they were exhausted. The leader of the dwarves had enough of Snow White’s nonsence so it was his turn to make a plan. He stayed up all night in the time he got to himself to plan revenge on Snow White.

“Snow White we have had enough!” Doc said in the morning. “We are tired of taking orders from you and this is how it is going to be now. You are going to leave otherwise no-one will ever see you again!” but Snow White refused and stayed so Doc decided to do what the dwarves would call impossible.
Now, nobody even knows her name. Nobody knows her face and now she is just a memory to the poor dwarves that now live happily and freely without Snow White in their lives. Snow White killed her mother but now she is going to suffer with her in the same place. What goes around really does come around for Snow White.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Oobleck what a nice name! Well do you know what it is? It is a mixture of slime, Goo and some other disgusting experiments. I am telling you this because recently our class has made it as our food experiment.

When I first saw the cornflour and the water go together and make Oobleck I was really surprised that it actually worked. When I mixed it with my hand it kept getting harder and harder. Taking my hand out and picking some up it just melted in my hand and went through like silk.

For a fun and simple experiment all you will need is a cup of cornflour, water and food colouring. To keep for more than one time then make it in a container
For instructions go below
Hope you enjoy making this fun experiment!!!!! WARNING: It does not smell so great.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Prospective Student

Climbing up the top of a vertical rock face the boy was petrified as his hand had slipped and he was dangling from the rock face. Looking down he saw the ground, meters away so with courage, he kept climbing. As he reached the top he took a breath and saw his destination.

Reaching the door he was relieved but clueless cause he didnt no what the masters reaction was and if he was allowed to stay. He knocked and waited for the master to come out. When the master came out the boy had to look up because he was fairly tall, he didn’t know what to do. So he bowed to the sensei. The sensei pointed left.

The boy was sad and determined so he stayed outside of the door until the morning. All night he was meditating until the sensei broke the silence by slamming the door. At that point the boy was fed up and wanted to fight the sensei. Clenching his fist he kicked the door open and was ready have a battle with the sensei to show he was ready for the school.

The sensei pointed away for the second time. The boy looked where the sensei was pointing all that time he knocked. He was pointing to a sign which said please use the side entrance.  Looking back at the master the boy felt embarrassed he smiled and pulled

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is water actually Healthy for you?

Drinking water is good for you because unlike other drinks water is the only drink that does not contain sugar in it. Water helps you lose weight, but it doesn't have any flavour that's why people often drink Powerade or other sports drinks because they have flavour.

Water can help you overcome some big diseases such as heart disease. Clean water can help you overcome diseases but dirty water can actually give you Water borne diseases like Giardia and Cholera. Luckily in New Zealand our water is usually clean. The country most affected by bacteria in their water is Africa. Water borne disease have caused over 1.8 million deaths annually.

It is possible to drink too much water. If you drank too much water you would not be able to control your bladder and would need to go toilet every 1-4 hours. If you drink a lot of water during a meal it can make you fill up faster.

Therefore my opinion on drinking water is that it is good for you. Even though it has no flavour it is still healthy and is one of the healthiest drinks in the world. If I was in a different country with water that had bacteria in it my opinion might change.

Friday, May 17, 2013

What's Really In Your Food Eggs?


New Zealanders eat 920,000,000 eggs per year. People love eggs and some have them different ways like poached, fried and scrambled. In a survey, fried eggs was the least favourite, then scrambled was second, and poached eggs was the favourite by far.

Caged hens only have a few centimetres of space and have to share cages. They don’t get out and stay in a cage for the rest of their life. Everything is run by computers and the first time an  egg will be touched is when just about to be purchased. Because as soon as the egg is laid they roll down and travel down to packaging. There is a wire to stop the hens from damaging them.
In the factory the lights and fans are left on for 16 hours a day.

Free range hens get to go outside whenever they want. There is no law for how long to leave them out and if they have to be shaded. So some chickens could just stay in their barn and lay eggs because of the sun. Free range eggs are expensive because the land is more expensive for them to be on, and there are less hens to produce eggs.

Hens who live in barns don’t get grass to eat and are not in cages. They have the ability to flap around and walk around the barn, but only have a little bit of space per chicken.  Like all hens these do get fed and go to a place to lay their eggs, which get rolled down for packaging.

Eggs have heaps of protein, the part of the egg with the most protein is the yolk. Eggs have B12 vitamin and at least 1 egg has 1/2 of B12 we need per day. Egg yolk colour is sometimes bright or dark some farmers feed them paprika to make it the right colour.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Nutritional Information

Samoa’s Favourite
per 50g

Tiny Teddy’s
per 50g?

1,870 kj
Total Fat
Total Fat

1) What can you say about the first package you looked at?
2) What can you say about the second package you looked at?
It has more sugar and salt then the other package.
3) Which food has better nutritional value than the other? Why?
Tiny Teddy’s. Because it has 7.4g and the chips had 1.75g
Now take a look at 2 more food packages: What were your findings?


Sandwich #1\


Sandwich #2
Corned Beef

Sandwich #3


“Pack your bags and don’t forget your togs because we're going on a trip to Waiwera” said Mum. When we arrived there I ran to get changed, but I got caught up holding the chilly bin. We went to find a place to sit down and then we had to eat. Unfortunately I got wet (when I was eating) because my brother ran into the pool and lifted his hands that were filled with water and aimed it at me.

Finally I got the chance to run and get changed. When I came out my friends had already left me. I went into the baby pool where my brother was and started playing tiggy. When we saw our mum we ran out of the pool and went to take my brother to the baby slides. When we were in line we told our mum to jump in or else we won’t be able to go on. It was our turn and we went down so fast but I think it was because it was approximately 300 cm. We went agai
n and kept going down in different ways.

When me and my mum went down she started screaming well I was having the ride of my life on the first drop on the twister she couldn't breath until the end because she was scared. On the straight down slide my mum thought it wouldn't be freaky. Because it was straight down. But she was wrong. I kept nagging her to go again but she was too scared. We got changed and then went.

When we got sick of the slide we went and watched Frankenweenie  until my brother got hungry. When he did I dropped him off to my dad and then headed for the giant slides. Waiting in line wasn't bad but the first 2 down was my friend and her mum they were scared even though they have been down already in the past.

When me and my mum went down she started screaming well I was having the ride of my life on the first drop on the twister she couldn’t breath until the end because she was scared. On the straight down slide my mum thought it wouldn’t be freaky. Because it was straight down. But she was wrong. I kept nagging her to go again but she was too scared. We got changed and then went.


We all know the wonderful, Intelligent and amazing WILL.I.AM known as the Will Power. Well why I am telling you this,  It is because that famous super star came to see how we learn. As I walked into the hall for the special assembly When he came he was seated by our school prefects. When he was walking down the middle to his chair I think his experienced would have been just like the red carpet.

When he sat down we said the prayer that was said by Vivienne then the Pounamu group came out and Patrick said the Mihi. The Pounamu group started and then we had the Hip Hop group perform they did a dance to can’t hold us by Macklemore ft Ryan Luis. We had him tell us the story about how his life was as a child.

When WILL.I.AM was young he lived in Los Angeles California in a little town called east Los Angeles and was very poor according to the rest of his neighbour hood and went to school he wanted to take care of his mother. Through music WILL.I.AM has achieved that.  After his story he brought out a big check saying 100,000.00 dollars he held it up he said it was a donation to the Manaiakalani schools also he said that he was starting a foundation called I AM Angel sponsored by the Hallenstein Brothers.   It is about educating kids and making their dreams come true.

At the end of assembly it was time to go back to class while WILL.I.AM talked to the media. When we put our heads in our work we had to clean our classroom before he came. At the time that he came  our class was clean and he got asked a question the question was asked why did you come to our school. He said because of our work on line. Unfortunately that was the last time we got to see him. It was a privilege to see him and I hope he comes back soon.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Term 1 Reflection !!!!!

Term 1 Wow it’s already gone !!! Well not exactly there’s still three days left but this is my term1 reflection. As you know our school Point England is having our fia fia night and that we had to practise. So during term 1 we had to practise every Thursday, after lunch.

Getting closer to the night we had to extend our practise to two day and then three now it is the week of Fia Fia and the term has gone so fast. So during class time we have to work so hard to get all of our work finished.

But we have had some exciting date’s like our picnic and our karaoke and W@cKe Hair day. My favourite was W@cKe Hair Day. Most of all this term I can’t wait till Fia Fia. Yey.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Keep our world clean

You might just think throwing your rubbish on the ground is no biggie but  unfortunately it is a biggie. As you see we are surrounded by bins and if not then pull out a plastic bag and put your rubbish bag in, It’s not hard.

Littering can kill animals, people and plants. I t can kill animals because they can eat it and die. We can die from it being in sewers and the environment not being clean. In other words you can die from oxygen because the air would not be fresh. Sometimes it can kill plants because of the environment.

People around the world litter for these amount of reasons. They can’t be bothered finding a rubbish bin or trying to act cool sometimes it can be because of the number of bins. If you litter and get caught there is consequences . The littering fine is $220

To keep our world clean we need your help. It only takes a little bit for you to help. Help and Keep our World Clean.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Brisbane Broncos

Do you have a favourite NRL team? I do it’s Brisbane Broncos. Ever since I was little my mum and dad liked Broncos. They have been watching their games ever since. They always invite their friends over to watch the games sometimes they mock each other’s teams. By the way their friends favourite team is Warriors.

My mum and dad have t-shirts of the Broncos because my uncle sends them over.Just recently my nan went over for her birthday and to visit my uncle. When she came back she bought my mum and dad a jacket, Straight away they tried it on.

My favourite player is Darren Lockyer. He retired at the end of 2012 because he wasn’t into it any more. He is now a commentator and even though he’s not playing he is a good commentator.

One day I want to be able to go and watch the broncos with front row seats. To be perfect I would like them to verse the warriors.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Bestie Porscha

Porscha she is funny, bossy, fit, cool and tall. She has brunette hair with  blonde streaks. Her hair is wavy. She likes to play with her hair and take photos.

She likes sports, cooking, technology and talking. Her favourite food is chocolate, lollies, sushi and burgers. We have known each other ever since we were babies but didn’t actually meet each other until we were year 4.

We used to play netball together, we enjoy hanging out with each other we understand each other because our personalities are the same. As besties we like to hang out with each  other. We both like to go to each others houses and watch horrors.