Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Acrostic poem about my friend Martha

My favourite thing about her is her humour
Amazing at being a monkey on the playground
Really fast at running
Talented at maths
Her favourite thing to do is dancing
A lot of great ideas


  1. Hi Ashlee I really like your Acrostic poem about Martha. She is very brainy at maths she always like to make up songs and dance. I really like it how you told the truth about Martha. Loved your writing I will be waiting for your next post.
    Bye Raeleen.

  2. Good Story Ashlee

    Keep up the good work from


  3. Hey Ashlee,
    I agree with you Martha is all of those things and more. Great acrostic poem!

    From Jouan :)

  4. "Wow" Ashlee this is a nice little poem that you did about my sister! I never knew that you guys were friends but awesome work Ashlee.


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