Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This is our task

I got it right because my pattern had reflective and rotational symmetry

Monday, September 9, 2013

Now You See Me

Now you see me

What is a new movie that show cases magic or illusionist ? Easy Now You See Me.

 So in the weekend I went to go see it.The movie is about 4 magicians who get a card that says there personality on the back. The card is like a invitation and they go to the address which is on the back. When they all arrived they never knew each other, they all thought they were the lucky one chosen but then the other people show up.  when they go inside they see a ugly apartment and a note saying Now You See Me. Once they read the card the projectors go on and they see all the blue prints. The blue prints lead them to this sign.

The next couple of years they were a group and on there first show in L.A they robbed a bank. The police got involved and they started to get bad. Their next show they hypnotized  a group of people to tackle like football players. And at the end of the show they go out and the police officer try's to get them and the group of people that got hypnotized came on the stage and tackled the officer.

Sorry but you will have to see it for you're self here is a quick link to watch online movies.