Friday, February 18, 2011

Acrostic Poem About My Cousin Alibi

A cute little girl
Likes to sing
Is very intelegant
Barbie dolls are her favorite toy
You know she is only 2

Acrostic Poem About My Cousin Riley

Runs every day
Is always working hard
Likes Justin Beiber
Enjoys seeing me and Gabby
You know she is from Australia

Acrostic Poem About My Cousin Preston

Plays lots of hide and go seek
Really likes TransFormers
Enjoys coming to New Zealand
Sings Justin Bieber
Tries to know all of the alto bots names.
Octumus Prime is his favourite Transformer
Now knows Baby off by heart

Acrostic Poem About My Brother Connor

Curious and cute
Naughty but still cute
Only likes my cousin Alibi
Realy knows heaps of songs


It was a very exciting Friday for room fourteen when we got our netbooks.A few of our netbooks died before we even got to play a game we where angry a little bit but at least we got our netbooks.On Monday our netbooks where charged fully and we where all happy.THANK YOU

Acrostic Poem About My Freind Jonita

Joyful funny girl
Oh my gosh is her favorite word
Never lies
Ignores people when we are working
Talks a lot
Always sings beautifully

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ashlee Poem

Active with Netball and Touch
Supportive for sports
Helps others Likes to sing
Excited when we first got our Netbooks
Every day listens to the teacher

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ashlee Holiday

On Sunday when we went to the fun fest to get out of the house, I was so excited that when we walked passed the gate I ran to the KamaKazi
The KamaKazi looked like 2 big hot dogs that move in a half circle and an actual circle. Inside people go in. There are 16 seats on each side. My Auntie & I where in the front. I was laughing before it started but in the middle I was frightened. My stomach was sore from the metal belts.
After, we went to the roundup. My Auntie was scared, Dad thought that I would be the one to be scared but it was my auntie. My Auntie didn't want to go on any more because she was too scared. We all laughed at her. I felt brave because of my auntie