Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Camp trip to swimarama

When I woke up i was so excited to go to school because of the year 5\6 camp. On our first year 5\6 camp trip we went to swimarama.

Our bus driver was really nice like all other bus drivers. Our bus driver was a male and his name was Elim.
When we got there we all sat there as a school while Mrs Garden explained the rules.

The team leaders of each camp leaders had to pick 8 people per group to swim back stroke and flutter board.While they where in the pool we got to eat our interval.After we ate we had to rest our stomach. And after the races we got to jump in and have some fun.

When the hydro slide opened then we got to go in but in groups the first group was the responstars allstars then it was our turn where called responsible rockers next was true crew and super charges and the lucky last was true crew

Here are some high lights of the responsible rockers day at swimarama.

hope you enjoy these high lights