Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Bestie Porscha

Porscha she is funny, bossy, fit, cool and tall. She has brunette hair with  blonde streaks. Her hair is wavy. She likes to play with her hair and take photos.

She likes sports, cooking, technology and talking. Her favourite food is chocolate, lollies, sushi and burgers. We have known each other ever since we were babies but didn’t actually meet each other until we were year 4.

We used to play netball together, we enjoy hanging out with each other we understand each other because our personalities are the same. As besties we like to hang out with each  other. We both like to go to each others houses and watch horrors.


  1. Porscha sounds like a very very close friend of yours. You explained her personality and her favourite things very clear. I wish I had friend that I knew since I was small. But I do advice you to change the colour of the text, it was kinda hard to read it. Keep it up the good work.


  2. Hi Ashlee,
    Great story about porscha. I did not know porscha likes cooking! My favourite part was every single thing. I love how you explained everything about her. Keep it up!

  3. Hello Ashlee,
    Porscha sounds like a cool and awesome friend of yours. I know porscha but not as well as you do, I like how you know a lot about porscha. You have a lot of information about her, I didn't know she liked sports. I like the descriptive language you used to describe her. Keep up the good work!


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