Thursday, August 21, 2014

Valerie Adams Flag bearer ( Delayed )

The New Zealander who holds the women's shot put world record Valerie Adams was selected to represent New Zealand at the commonwealth games. How she did this was not only did she participate in the games she was the flag bearer. If you don't know what the flag bearer is it's the person who waves the flag when their country's name is called out.

She did a phenomenons job even though its quite a simple job but a huge privilege. " It was pretty scary I didn't know what I was doing I just tried to do what the others did" she had said after the opening ceremony. " Hopefully I did new Zealand proud" She quoted before she left to go and practice for her games.

At the end of the games her practice had payed of when she won the last gold medal for New Zealand. Also she won the 600th gold medal for New Zealand over the years. Here is a video of her waving the flag.

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