Monday, August 11, 2014

Astria Countdown to Impact

To kick start the week we had a visit from some of the students from Auckland University. They were here to show us their game that they had put together over the time period of 6 months. They used us to help see if their game was up to standard or if it needed a few tweaks.

Personally I don't think it needs to be tweaked as it is a fun, knowledgeable and tricky game. Which is good as we will need to get our brains thinking when we arrive at school. Before we got to play the game we had to find a partner

Here are some Questions we got asked:

What was the most difficult part of today's session?
The most difficult part of the game for me and my partner was trying to crack the code to get the professors formula. 

What did you find easy and why?
I don't really know as I didn't make it that far in my journey to try and save the planet of Astria.

What key areas of the game did you manage to complete today?
All that I can remember is finding the clues for the secret code and watching the professor go crazy

Do you feel you are on track to make the final presentation to council?
Tomorrow or the next day I will definitely have to work faster if I am going to finish the presentation and save Astria  

What will you try and remember before you continue with tomorrow's session?
That time is running out and there is only a few more weeks before the Asteroid will hit the planet.

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