Friday, November 22, 2013

Literacy Rotation PMI

For literacy this year has been great it has made writing fun and also reading. Especially with our new literacy and creative rotation that took place around half way through term 2 and is still going on. I have learnt so much and improved in my reading. I am now reading at 14.5 now.

Positives: I have learnt so much, but not only literacy, maths too. I think the new literacy and creativity rotation is full of learning and fun as well . Also I find reading,writing and maths fun now.

Negatives: I have none.

Interesting: What I found interesting is that one week we do literacy and the other we get to creat a movie or a piece of art. So technically we use our knowledge for one week and the other we use our creativity.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Future Aspirations

We are year 7 and 8’s and half of us is going to college and the other half is getting ready to apply for a college. College is when you get serious in my eyes and chase your dreams and study. On Thursday we had 5 individuals come to our school to inspire us and tell us a little bit about themselves and about what they do.

All of the speakers were interesting and inspiring they had laughter and knowledge. Mosa Mafileo and Emma Brown told us that even if your Polynesian or Maori you can still be whatever job you put your mind too, because we are the same as everybody else. To wrap it up my favourite speakers were Mosa and Tristan because Mosa is funny and Tristan shows that even if you're big or small you can still achieve.

Well my future job I haven’t yet come across but at the moment I would like to do fundraising for charity.

Quick Details of my favourite speaker

*Mosa Mafileo
Mosa is the youth advisor rep for the mayor Len Brown
He is 18 years old and went to

Tristan Pang.Tristan is in year thirteen maths and science and is going on to university next year. The amazing thing is that he is only year 7.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Creative strand Art part

For creative strand we are doing art and in art we are doing A mural to make our hall not so plain we have worked out were to put the art work once finished.

In the process of making our mural we needed to measure the height of were our art is going to be. The measurements was 490 mm. We measured our boards and each board made about three after our precise measurements we sawed it.

Sawing the boards difficult for some of us but towards half way we started to get the hang of it. Our technique was to drag the saw up and do that for three times. Then we started to saw properly but as we got to the end we had to slow down or it would break.

We then sanded and painted the board. When we sanded the board we needed to make it smooth and as we were painting  we had to paint the sides and the wood side. Before we could do anything we had to let it dry.

When it was dried we got to put them all together and make a big mural with heaps of patterns. So far it is going great and we get to take a board and paint it. We are still trying to work out the colour schemes.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stranded On A Mysterious Island

On a camp on the mysterious island I didn’t know how I got there. The Island was in the middle of no where there was no way that I could go back until another 20 days. The only way to get back was by plane. We were stranded on the island waiting for another 20 days for a plane. Ideas were rushing through our head trying to escape from the island but it was hard without no electricity and food . Not really a life saver but near by was a bush full of fruits we didn’t know anything about the bush but we just was so hungry.

As we finished our lunch, Riley found something moving on the ground she was so scared as she thought it was a snake. But out came Willy Wonka it turns out that he had a meeting with the umpa lumpas we needed help getting out so we asked him if he could help us he looked scared and ran. “ Great no one can help us get out of here” said Maia. Relax its only another 5 days left says Kyana. Another day bites the dust.

Collecting as much fruit to make juice and food we didn’t know how to get back. Help Help we sat down trying to make juice with wood but it was only putting bark in the fruit NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Kaylen found a bit of light through a door but it was a gap the chain of doors and gaps kept leading on until it finally came to an end we ended up being just before our building.

By then it was only 2 days left and we were all tired. We ended sleeping for the 2 days but we woke up to the plane engine we were excited but it was a flash plane so we thought it might be for Willy Wonka some how it was a bunch of minions from despicable me trying to save us we met them and started jumping on the plane.

When we got home it turns out that we were on the wrong island at the wrong time. Our mum walked in saying that our trip is next week and we must attend. Never to be seen again. TADA.