Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Future Aspirations

We are year 7 and 8’s and half of us is going to college and the other half is getting ready to apply for a college. College is when you get serious in my eyes and chase your dreams and study. On Thursday we had 5 individuals come to our school to inspire us and tell us a little bit about themselves and about what they do.

All of the speakers were interesting and inspiring they had laughter and knowledge. Mosa Mafileo and Emma Brown told us that even if your Polynesian or Maori you can still be whatever job you put your mind too, because we are the same as everybody else. To wrap it up my favourite speakers were Mosa and Tristan because Mosa is funny and Tristan shows that even if you're big or small you can still achieve.

Well my future job I haven’t yet come across but at the moment I would like to do fundraising for charity.

Quick Details of my favourite speaker

*Mosa Mafileo
Mosa is the youth advisor rep for the mayor Len Brown
He is 18 years old and went to

Tristan Pang.Tristan is in year thirteen maths and science and is going on to university next year. The amazing thing is that he is only year 7.

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