Friday, May 30, 2014

Are Kiwi's New Zealand Or Australian

The native bird the Kiwi is a beautiful creature who is a species of birds. it originally came from New Zealand. Well that's what they thought until 2014 when scientist discovered that the kiwi might not be New Zealand but could be from Australia.

They discovered this because they found that the kiwi had some Australian roots. But know they discovered that kiwi's aren't Australian. They only found roots because back in the days when New Zealand and Australia were connected was when Kiwis were still live. But know that those two countries are separate Kiwi's are New Zealand Species.

Breaking the Speed of Sound

Here is My Breaking the speed of sound presentation.This activity was for reading. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Samoan Language Week

The Samoan Language week launch was at our school on Monday morning. We saw performances both from little and big kids. We also had some speeches, payers and songs in the language of Samoa. On this special morning we also had some important adults saying there bit about Samoa.

When the assembly started we sang both national anthems and then sat down and had a prayer and speech from serenity and Christian who are year 8's at our school. When they finished we saw little kids who were in their Samoan outfits up in the stage just waiting to amaze us with their performances. When they finished I was amazed of how little they were.

Next up on the stage was our senior Samoan group with their dance that they did on Fia Fia! It was amazing how the girls came on and how the boys did their Haka. Lucky last was the students of Tamaki College who astonished us with their costumes and peformances.

To End this exciting morning we had a grace that was sung by Faaaoane and the rest of the people who knew the grace.

Like they say you learn something new everyday.What I learnt was how to say Hold fast to your treasure in Samoan. Taofi mau I au measina!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Steven Adams

Steven Adams the brother of Valerie Adams and Warren Adams and son of Sid Adams, is a professional basketball who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is 20 years of age and his birthday is on July 28 1993. His height is 2.13m which is quite tall.

His sister Valerie Adams holds the world record for women's shot put and his brother is also the same he plays basketball. But speaking of world records Steven Adams has made history as kiwi playing in the first round of NBA. I hope he is taking pride for being Kiwi and playing the first round of NBA.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

20 Hour Famine

It is Friday the 23 of may at 11.02! At the moment we are doing the 20 hour famine sleep-over it is great because we hardly know that we are starving ourselves. Why you ask? Because on the other side of the world kids and families are suffering from sever poverty and lack of education.

This year we are doing the original famine and giving up food for 20 or 40 hours. We are giving up food to get sponsors and give them to the world vision for the kids all around South Africa. Our money or your money is going to the kids in Malawi.

So far we have been researching about this beautiful community. We also have been getting family and friends also neighbours to sponsor us so that we can give to the kids who need it. So far I have raised $110 and still are fundraising for the people in Malawi.

In the video here we learnt how to say god bless you in the language that Malawi people use.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Scientific Method

At the beginning of the term my class got given 3 tasks to do. The tasks had to be 2 posters and a quiz. It had to be something to do with sound and science. As that's what we are learning about this term. Here is one of mine!

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Kid in Malawi and New Zealand

Ashlee Museum Trip

Ashlee Musuem Trip from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Last term we went on a trip to the Auckland Museum to see the life of all the soldiers. Their feelings and how the food and were they slept were different. Here is a movie that has some of the footage from that day

Friday, May 16, 2014

Alexander Bell Presentation

Weekly Quiz Week 2

Nigella Lawson the amazing person came to New Zealand to film another advert with Whittaker chocolate. This very intelligent woman and mother has plenty of cooking shows, books and adds. A quick fact is that she is in love with chocolate. 

Well last week the UK chef came to Wellington to film another advert for Whittaker chocolate. I haven't yet seen it but I would like to because I love chocolate and Nigella is a big inspiration for me. Also because I like her cooking and she has cool episodes and books.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Echolocation is used in many way's some are different to others but not completely different I mean they still are used to help them. Many people around the world use echolocation including animals. Like bats, marine mammals and shrews.

How they use it is they emit a high pitch sound and waits for it to ricochet off an object. Its used to help them find their prey and to locate where they are going. It also creates an image inside their head.

The reason for echolocation is usually for blind people because that's how they can see. It might sound ridiculous but its because of the sound it ricochets which gives them back  a sound that is different to help them know is an object there.

Many species of bats use echolocation to help find their prey and to locate where they are going. Some marine mammals also use it to find there way around their environment. Another type of animals are shrews who are part of the mouse family.

In the USA there was a boy named Ben Underwood his mum had looked in his eyes and realised that they were like cats eyes and took him to the doctors. They found out that he had cancer and gave him treatment. The treatment went on and they realised that he had to take his eyes out or keep doing the treatment. Which he could die from.

His mum made the brave decision of replacing his eyes with prosthetic eyes. When he grew older he used echolocation to navigate his way around. You can check out his documentary but sadly two years after that his cancer came back and died from it.

Some day I would like to try and use echolocation to try and locate where I'm going.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Call of the bloom

Here is my presentation for reading. This is what we have been learning about and have just showcase a few things about the story take a  look.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly

All the children in their school uniforms just waiting to find out what they will be learning about for the term and are just keen to get started! At our school Point England we have an immersion assembly and watch each team of teachers put on a show to tell the whole school what their group of students will be learning about.When the assembly started there were helium balloons galore to bring a funky theme to both teachers and students. Also the balloons were there to help bust a myth. 

My favourite bit of assembly was when the myth was going to get busted. The myth was from the movie Up, our version was to lift a small toy taxi filled with stuffing and see how much balloons it took to lift it up. The total amount of was 15 balloons to get the taxi up in the air so that proved that it would have taken more to lift up the house.

Next was team 1 who are learning about what are at a zoo either than animals and what safety equipment they use to protect us and the animals.. After them it was team 2 with flying and then 
team 3 with lights and colours.

"Coming up team 4" Mr Burt announced. On they came with interesting Vocab and floatation. Team 5 our one was a bit funny because our teachers had dressed up and made there own instruments for our topic sound.Before we knew it the assembly was over and we were all heading back to our classes for the exciting adventures we are going to be learning about.