Saturday, May 24, 2014

20 Hour Famine

It is Friday the 23 of may at 11.02! At the moment we are doing the 20 hour famine sleep-over it is great because we hardly know that we are starving ourselves. Why you ask? Because on the other side of the world kids and families are suffering from sever poverty and lack of education.

This year we are doing the original famine and giving up food for 20 or 40 hours. We are giving up food to get sponsors and give them to the world vision for the kids all around South Africa. Our money or your money is going to the kids in Malawi.

So far we have been researching about this beautiful community. We also have been getting family and friends also neighbours to sponsor us so that we can give to the kids who need it. So far I have raised $110 and still are fundraising for the people in Malawi.

In the video here we learnt how to say god bless you in the language that Malawi people use.


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