Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly

All the children in their school uniforms just waiting to find out what they will be learning about for the term and are just keen to get started! At our school Point England we have an immersion assembly and watch each team of teachers put on a show to tell the whole school what their group of students will be learning about.When the assembly started there were helium balloons galore to bring a funky theme to both teachers and students. Also the balloons were there to help bust a myth. 

My favourite bit of assembly was when the myth was going to get busted. The myth was from the movie Up, our version was to lift a small toy taxi filled with stuffing and see how much balloons it took to lift it up. The total amount of was 15 balloons to get the taxi up in the air so that proved that it would have taken more to lift up the house.

Next was team 1 who are learning about what are at a zoo either than animals and what safety equipment they use to protect us and the animals.. After them it was team 2 with flying and then 
team 3 with lights and colours.

"Coming up team 4" Mr Burt announced. On they came with interesting Vocab and floatation. Team 5 our one was a bit funny because our teachers had dressed up and made there own instruments for our topic sound.Before we knew it the assembly was over and we were all heading back to our classes for the exciting adventures we are going to be learning about.

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