Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Samoan Language Week

The Samoan Language week launch was at our school on Monday morning. We saw performances both from little and big kids. We also had some speeches, payers and songs in the language of Samoa. On this special morning we also had some important adults saying there bit about Samoa.

When the assembly started we sang both national anthems and then sat down and had a prayer and speech from serenity and Christian who are year 8's at our school. When they finished we saw little kids who were in their Samoan outfits up in the stage just waiting to amaze us with their performances. When they finished I was amazed of how little they were.

Next up on the stage was our senior Samoan group with their dance that they did on Fia Fia! It was amazing how the girls came on and how the boys did their Haka. Lucky last was the students of Tamaki College who astonished us with their costumes and peformances.

To End this exciting morning we had a grace that was sung by Faaaoane and the rest of the people who knew the grace.

Like they say you learn something new everyday.What I learnt was how to say Hold fast to your treasure in Samoan. Taofi mau I au measina!

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