Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Bestie Porscha

Porscha she is funny, bossy, fit, cool and tall. She has brunette hair with  blonde streaks. Her hair is wavy. She likes to play with her hair and take photos.

She likes sports, cooking, technology and talking. Her favourite food is chocolate, lollies, sushi and burgers. We have known each other ever since we were babies but didn’t actually meet each other until we were year 4.

We used to play netball together, we enjoy hanging out with each other we understand each other because our personalities are the same. As besties we like to hang out with each  other. We both like to go to each others houses and watch horrors.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Uncle, Aunty and Cousins

On November last year I was so happy because my cousin’s and aunty and uncle. They were coming over for the first time my whole family was happy because we have not seen our cousins because they are 2 and 1 years old. They came over for a week they were staying at our house while they were on holiday. During their time that they were here we only did some things because some of us had school and work.

But on the weekend we celebrated our Papa’s birthday and then on Sunday we went to Orakei Beach and had a barbecue we had a little Christmas where we opened our presents from them and they opened our presents from us. We done this because they weren't going to be here when Christmas actually fell. Me and my cousin’s present was a chocolate mould set my older cousins were really cool clothes and the baby’s were snap backs with their name printed on them in gold or colours.

On Monday it was a hot but sad day because it was time for them to go all of my aunties were crying. Unfortunately I wasn't aloud to go to the airport so I said my goodbyes at home. This year on march the 15th my Nana went over to visit them and while she was over they had purposed to each other.

The whole family are going over for their wedding in 2014. We are having the wedding in Raro so we have to save up. This year when they come over we are going camping somewhere.

Monday, March 25, 2013

STKS at Point England School

On Friday at assembly we had a very special guest come and sing and play guitar his name was STKS. He was very funny and we did a few songs we all said wow of amazement because he used his guitar as a trumpet, drum and a guitar. It was interesting when he blew the trumpet out of the end of the guitar and did some songs with the drumming and playing the guitar. He sang R&B rhythm and brown and sang R&B + KFC, Which he made up on the spot.

Before he played the trumpet out of the guitar he asked us was it a trumpet and we said no so he played it, it sounded awesome but really it was just his mouth. He also sang a Samoan song

After that we did sports and then Ms Va'afusuaga said that she had remembered him when they went to the same sports camp and were in Mata ( I think ) She said he was the chanter and sang a lot of songs. And was the first person she saw do the moonwalk and play volleyball in his sandals. We all had a giggle and asked if he could sing another song. So he did he asked if we had watched pitch perfect majority of the kids said yes so he did a mash-up.

First was the boys they had to say "to the left" and the girls had to say "fresh, clean, spark, flow, wing" and then we sang price tag and a lot more. The whole school was laughing and was happy.But unfortunately we had to say by but not forever because we could see him on YouTube if we had permission.

Friday, March 22, 2013

An Old Man Walking Along The Beach

Walking along the beach an old man is clasping his shoes on the sand and leaving his footprints behind. He looks out to a surfer so he goes closer to the water and as white foam washes ashore along with the smell and water of the sea. Behind the surfer is a beautiful sunset. Slowly he sat down and watched the surfer ride the waves.

He pulled out some chips from his oversized grey and black coat,he thought he was watching a 3D movie. People started to see what he was looking at. They crowded around the man and saw that he was looking at so they joined him.

The surfer realised he was been watched so he did some really cool tricks to end it. The trick he ended with was the wave forming over him and he was in the middle. Then he finished and came back to shore.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Assembly With Korero

We lined up for assembly and then walked to the hall. When we arrived we sat down in our rows waiting for everybody else to come. We had silence and then started to sing the national anthem. After that Mr Burt handed out the certificates, and then Ms Muliaumasealii talked to us. She told us that her brother Mr Muliaumasealii, had been in culture groups ever since he was young and wanted to study singing, so he did. He studied opera, then he moved to London and is now teaching over there. He came on Friday because he wanted to sing for us and that's what he did.

 He was wearing rolled up jeans under a pink lava lava and a t-shirt. His hair was like an afro, but very cool. He came out and started talking about how he's been in London for so long and has not been close to his culture. So obviously our first song we sang was a Samoan song called 'Minoi, Minoi, Minoi' song. Then he sang a song that his friend's and him wrote for Samoa after the tsunami. It was sad but we waved our hands in the air. He finished and sang a very popular opera song .

 When he walked back his lava lava fell off then he unrolled his jeans and tied his hair up and started to let his voice sing. It was very nice. Assembly kept going and we did sports certificates, there were over 125 kids that participated in sports this week. The sports were basketball and softball. Assembly finished with little talks from monsters and men. Team 4 and 5 had to stay back for a little korero. It was about bullying, serious bullying.

Mr Burt was disappointed, but he was disappointed for a reason. A person was too scared to go to school. It was a sad moment for our school on Friday because this boy got bullied for no reason. But then we ended our assembly and headed for our day ahead. Thankfully the boy is back at our school and is happy.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Walking down Allen Ave heading to school  I started  skimming rocks along the ground and kicking dirt that was left over from the construction site, 2 meters ahead. I could see my friends Mele and Tauwhare, as I arrived at school we then walked heading for class. We had to split up because we were in different classes.

Happily I got the keys to unlock the cupboards and I noticed that it was already unlocked I thought maybe someone came before me and got their netbook. But I was Wrong.

I opened and only blank white shelves were to appear. I hustled over to tell Mrs Lagitupu and she sounded shocked we both went and checked like if some pot of gold was in there. But she had saw what I saw. In a rush she dialled Mr Burt and then the police. We went to check if the boys cupboard was open but it was tightly sealed. “How could this happen ? Said Mrs as the girls arrived we had to spill the news everyone was SHOCKED.

We had to put the boys netbooks somewhere safe and then started to evacuate. They did a full search of the class and only found five netbooks,  they looked at the names and they were boys that hadn’t put there netbooks back.

School had to close as the police did a full inspection of the school. They searched and found all of them some in other classes they took one to the lab and got the D.N.A Somehow it matched Mr Burts He kept denying it and then one of the students told him that he wouldn’t lie because he’s honest, so he told the truth that it was him because none of the girls from our class never said he was the best. So he thought if he found their netbooks they would like him.
We understood him so we didn’t press charges but he wasn’t the principle any more and had to do 210 hours of community service.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Arriving at the beach we sat down on the sand. We had a little talk we looked around the view and saw ‘the rock’, we saw a little boy we were wondering if he was there by himself and “Is he al-right?” asked Mason we glanced over to the shore and under the deck was his mum carrying a bucket. WE stopped and went to play at the beach we asked if he goes to kindy and then we got a good conversation running she excused herself and went to the toilet she told her son to wait outside and we went to the rock and played.

After a bit we could see her coming out of the toilet she looked around puzzled she could not see him anywhere so we rushed over and asked her what’s the matter she said her son was gone and then we started calling him”TUI, TUI, TUI”, he was nowhere to be found so we went straight to the sand we were panicked we looked across the water and all we could see was a fin and a hand with a head laying on the water we told Mr Burt to tell everybody to get out of the water because of a shark we got Mrs T the best swimmer in the school

She got in her swimsuit and risked her life for the little boy she reached him and put him up but there was still a problem how were they going to get out without getting attacked. We grabbed a piece of meat and fetched it out and she fetched it to the shark. She piggy backed him and swam as fast as she could they made it back safely. We celebrated and soon as we knew it, we were finished and ready to pack up. A tragedy and a solution that ended up to a happy day....