Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Arriving at the beach we sat down on the sand. We had a little talk we looked around the view and saw ‘the rock’, we saw a little boy we were wondering if he was there by himself and “Is he al-right?” asked Mason we glanced over to the shore and under the deck was his mum carrying a bucket. WE stopped and went to play at the beach we asked if he goes to kindy and then we got a good conversation running she excused herself and went to the toilet she told her son to wait outside and we went to the rock and played.

After a bit we could see her coming out of the toilet she looked around puzzled she could not see him anywhere so we rushed over and asked her what’s the matter she said her son was gone and then we started calling him”TUI, TUI, TUI”, he was nowhere to be found so we went straight to the sand we were panicked we looked across the water and all we could see was a fin and a hand with a head laying on the water we told Mr Burt to tell everybody to get out of the water because of a shark we got Mrs T the best swimmer in the school

She got in her swimsuit and risked her life for the little boy she reached him and put him up but there was still a problem how were they going to get out without getting attacked. We grabbed a piece of meat and fetched it out and she fetched it to the shark. She piggy backed him and swam as fast as she could they made it back safely. We celebrated and soon as we knew it, we were finished and ready to pack up. A tragedy and a solution that ended up to a happy day....

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