Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Touch Rugby

Running on to the field like there were a million bucks that we had to find, but really we were doing touch rugby. When we went on to the other end of the field we meet our coach Kevin.

He taught us the rules and the coolest rules was that we could pass forward so he split us into teams and we got right into teams. There were five teams blue, red,, yellow, green and ASAP.

Red and Blue took to the field and started playing it wasn't that long till someone scored a point. Unfortunately blue lost and red won( my team ) and then it kept going on the red team won 4 times in a row.

It was a buzz kill when our session ended because it was fun, we had to wait for next week.

As the week zoomed past we went to our second and last touch rugby session this week we were doing ball skills we did ⅓ of the class on one side split into 3 groups and ⅔ of the class split into 2 teams the two teams on the side was on defence and we had to try score only a few people got a try I didn't.
Then we had to do the same thing over again the end of the session and the last for this term.

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