Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fia Fia Assembly

When we walked into assembly on friday  we could tell that it was different because of the drums and two girls( Jaylee and Osana ) handing out lays to the teacher’s. We could tell a show or concert was coming up. And we were right Fia Fia 2013 was at the end of the term Ms Muliaumaselii was running it and gave us a little concert to tell us that it was coming up,at assembly.

To start it they got one of the funniest teachers Mr Barks up to dance like a hula girl and while he was up she done a rhythm and called Mr Somerville ( The best teacher in the world ) and Mrs Vaafusuaga to do the beat then levi was banging on the drums after that the singers came on stage. Two of them were from last week and the other was another boy.

They sang their song from last week again but instead did an acapella It was alright but my opinion  was I thought it was better last week with the music, but it was still cool too bad they weren’t 14 or else they could have auditioned for X factor New Zealand. I think they could be the new Emblem Three. But win, instead.

The ballerina’s came out  doing cartwheels and then the hip hop people came out also the bollywood people came out and the all the people that were  on the stage had to do the bollywood dance. Bollywood is cool that’s why I am joining.
This Assembly is the best one I’ve been to so far. I can’t wait to Fia Fia because there will be a lot more of great performances and it will be entertaining.YEY!!!!!!

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