Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Picaso Rock Star ( Taylor Swift )

This is my finished piece of artwork . Which is a picaso rock star my rock star is Taylor Swift . I hope you like it .

PES art gallery

This is my favourite art work in the PES art gallery . This image was made from Courtney in room 13. I like it because it has a lot of colour and all the colours are bright . It inspires me because of all the patterns I hope you like this art as well .

Monday, June 18, 2012

Class Disguised As Candy

As I was driving the car something brushed up against my foot and my surprise turned to horror as I looked down and saw Mya and Robert the two scariest marshmallow people to ever arrive in the universe . “HAH” . Screaming of horror and help . I couldn’t stop just looking at their horrifying face . As their pale white faces and their creepy stubby little noses along with their big googly eyes and there horrifying mouths .  Going gupgup guggg trying to speak marshall language . Taking the car away to their own land . Where alot of candy were . I was just thinking about how yum they would taste if I could escape .

There I saw the yummiest ever M&Ms Called martha and Myas twin . I couldn’t wait to eat them but before I could I found myself in a dark room covered in chocolate and jelly beans I managed to gobble and drink some up but .  I got pulled away like I imagined those M&Ms I saw . But I was too busy looking at their world . There I saw the two jelly beans pink Martha & purple Giselle .

When I went through the last machine with Chloe my friend . Turned into chocolate thumbs . We looked the same like everybody says . We couldn’t stop comparing our self . But then we stopped as we were starting to get body’s . We started to make alot of friends . Without the idea of eating them now we were one of them . We decided to see their true colors . That they were EVIL .

We then ran into the room caught up in all the mess happening.

Getting too carried away and keeping on walking then we ran into WILLY Floss . He told everybody to empty their sugar pockets . And there was alot coming out of their pockets . The sound was shshshshshshsh shshshsh when it came to us you could only hear . Thump Thump Thump . That wasn’t even from us that was from him . And his candy cane feet . Faster then a flash he had already scooped us up or should I say tangled in candy floss .  

Problem : Candy was evil and they trapped us and we wanted to eat them .
Solution : He ate us and put us out of our misery .

Monday, June 11, 2012


Hello my name is Ashlee and I will be telling you about an annoying fruit . Called ANNOYING ORANGE . Alot of use might know him in annoying way or a funny or cool way . The cool and funny way that some people describe him  Is the way that my little brother likes . Of course he is only two and doesn't really understand . And if he did we would know why . Because he is annoying as well . Any way he has 480,153 views and that’s only on 1 of his videos . There is still alot more videos like the pasta one annoying orange vs angry birds and many more .

If you haven't watched any of the videos or don’t even know about him then here is a link to a couple of videos on youtube .

I hope you have fun watching these videos .

Thursday, June 7, 2012


On Tuesdays year 6-8 netball teams go to the Morin road netball courts to play in this years season . We are now in champion round and got put in to A grade with all the hard teams . It can be a bit pressuring because we are not in school grades but where in club grade as well . At training we have to work hard and have to come with the right attitude . To be able to win and have fun . But some times we are clumsy and talk which won't help us at all.

In order these are our netball girls Top Chloe , Raeleen , Quziyah , Tyla , Gloria ,  Then it goes Grace , Hope , Mele , Aldora and Me ( Ashlee ) 

On one of our game's we got to meet three people from the mystics . We got our ball signed our arms and a piece of paper . We did a straight face and a funny face picture . The people  in my team is Chloe , Raeleen , Quziyah , Tyla , Me (Ashlee) , Gloria , Hope , Aldora , Grace and Mele . Our coach is  Janette and our manager is Safron . 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Respect means to be kind have self respect and to have courage . Also to look after one and another and to look and listen . Speed matters too because to show someone you have respect you have to do as they tell you. Straight away not an hour later. Posture is to be standing straight just like they want you to stand . Sometimes it’s to believe in yourself and to not be shy and always to be confident.

It can also mean to try out new things .To have achievement and to live up to your abilities and qualities . Treat people how they want to be treated and to always be courteous . Also to call people by their full name or a name that will suit them . Have respect for yourself . To boys and girls .

Eyes and ears
Every one
Co operating