Monday, May 7, 2012

Swim Time!!!!!!!!!!

Walking down to the Glen Innes Aquatic pools in glen innes for our swimming lessons we were all excited to go down and get ready for our instructors. Because I have been unwell I haven’t been swimming. There are a bunch of others because they all had infections in their ears. When we arrived we had to wait for people to get changed into their togs and then we could go over and watch them. They all meet their instructors. I was watching their hands and they were malleable for nearly all of their swimming lesson!

They were doing all sorts of strokes and other stuff. Like backstroke, freestyle, white water and clear water.  If you're wondering what clear water is it’s when you're not aloud to splash and you're only aloud to swim without making bubbles. White water is when you make bubbles by paddling and kicking strong. You all should know what freestyle and Backstroke is! :)

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