Thursday, May 10, 2012


For our inquiry this term we are learning about Art Alive. While learning about our topic we got to look at some amazing Youtube videos about art . The most one that was viewed the most was the 3D chalk on the side walk.  Watching a 3D video that was posted on youtube I was looking at all the amazing designs and patterns . Some of the pictures were about pools, water and working. The 1 I liked the most would have to be the be the lady on the eagle.

In term 1 we got to research about a artist that loves doing pacific flower and is a great artist his name is Fatu Feu’u. We had to split our page into quarters and then we had to pick 4 of the greatest designs we liked then we had to blow it up onto a bigger piece of paper I picked mine as the triangles and pacific flowers and stripes. We only had to use three colours I choose orange, yellow and pink. Here’s my finished project

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  1. Hey Ash I just read you Art Alive story. It was pretty awesome. The only thing I think you have to work on is you Punctuation. Anyways can't wait till your next post.


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