Thursday, June 7, 2012


On Tuesdays year 6-8 netball teams go to the Morin road netball courts to play in this years season . We are now in champion round and got put in to A grade with all the hard teams . It can be a bit pressuring because we are not in school grades but where in club grade as well . At training we have to work hard and have to come with the right attitude . To be able to win and have fun . But some times we are clumsy and talk which won't help us at all.

In order these are our netball girls Top Chloe , Raeleen , Quziyah , Tyla , Gloria ,  Then it goes Grace , Hope , Mele , Aldora and Me ( Ashlee ) 

On one of our game's we got to meet three people from the mystics . We got our ball signed our arms and a piece of paper . We did a straight face and a funny face picture . The people  in my team is Chloe , Raeleen , Quziyah , Tyla , Me (Ashlee) , Gloria , Hope , Aldora , Grace and Mele . Our coach is  Janette and our manager is Safron . 

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  1. I am so pleased you shared this photo Ashlee. It is a gorgeous photo! Thanks for taking the time to give so much information in your writing. It was an interesting sports report for me as I don't know much about your team.

    Well done

    Mrs Burt


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