Monday, June 18, 2012

Class Disguised As Candy

As I was driving the car something brushed up against my foot and my surprise turned to horror as I looked down and saw Mya and Robert the two scariest marshmallow people to ever arrive in the universe . “HAH” . Screaming of horror and help . I couldn’t stop just looking at their horrifying face . As their pale white faces and their creepy stubby little noses along with their big googly eyes and there horrifying mouths .  Going gupgup guggg trying to speak marshall language . Taking the car away to their own land . Where alot of candy were . I was just thinking about how yum they would taste if I could escape .

There I saw the yummiest ever M&Ms Called martha and Myas twin . I couldn’t wait to eat them but before I could I found myself in a dark room covered in chocolate and jelly beans I managed to gobble and drink some up but .  I got pulled away like I imagined those M&Ms I saw . But I was too busy looking at their world . There I saw the two jelly beans pink Martha & purple Giselle .

When I went through the last machine with Chloe my friend . Turned into chocolate thumbs . We looked the same like everybody says . We couldn’t stop comparing our self . But then we stopped as we were starting to get body’s . We started to make alot of friends . Without the idea of eating them now we were one of them . We decided to see their true colors . That they were EVIL .

We then ran into the room caught up in all the mess happening.

Getting too carried away and keeping on walking then we ran into WILLY Floss . He told everybody to empty their sugar pockets . And there was alot coming out of their pockets . The sound was shshshshshshsh shshshsh when it came to us you could only hear . Thump Thump Thump . That wasn’t even from us that was from him . And his candy cane feet . Faster then a flash he had already scooped us up or should I say tangled in candy floss .  

Problem : Candy was evil and they trapped us and we wanted to eat them .
Solution : He ate us and put us out of our misery .

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  1. Hey Ashlee,

    That sounded like it was very scary!!!! I hope that you can post another writing and I can also comment on it!!
    Keep it up!!!

    Love Asena


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