Friday, March 8, 2013


Walking down Allen Ave heading to school  I started  skimming rocks along the ground and kicking dirt that was left over from the construction site, 2 meters ahead. I could see my friends Mele and Tauwhare, as I arrived at school we then walked heading for class. We had to split up because we were in different classes.

Happily I got the keys to unlock the cupboards and I noticed that it was already unlocked I thought maybe someone came before me and got their netbook. But I was Wrong.

I opened and only blank white shelves were to appear. I hustled over to tell Mrs Lagitupu and she sounded shocked we both went and checked like if some pot of gold was in there. But she had saw what I saw. In a rush she dialled Mr Burt and then the police. We went to check if the boys cupboard was open but it was tightly sealed. “How could this happen ? Said Mrs as the girls arrived we had to spill the news everyone was SHOCKED.

We had to put the boys netbooks somewhere safe and then started to evacuate. They did a full search of the class and only found five netbooks,  they looked at the names and they were boys that hadn’t put there netbooks back.

School had to close as the police did a full inspection of the school. They searched and found all of them some in other classes they took one to the lab and got the D.N.A Somehow it matched Mr Burts He kept denying it and then one of the students told him that he wouldn’t lie because he’s honest, so he told the truth that it was him because none of the girls from our class never said he was the best. So he thought if he found their netbooks they would like him.
We understood him so we didn’t press charges but he wasn’t the principle any more and had to do 210 hours of community service.

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