Friday, March 15, 2013

Assembly With Korero

We lined up for assembly and then walked to the hall. When we arrived we sat down in our rows waiting for everybody else to come. We had silence and then started to sing the national anthem. After that Mr Burt handed out the certificates, and then Ms Muliaumasealii talked to us. She told us that her brother Mr Muliaumasealii, had been in culture groups ever since he was young and wanted to study singing, so he did. He studied opera, then he moved to London and is now teaching over there. He came on Friday because he wanted to sing for us and that's what he did.

 He was wearing rolled up jeans under a pink lava lava and a t-shirt. His hair was like an afro, but very cool. He came out and started talking about how he's been in London for so long and has not been close to his culture. So obviously our first song we sang was a Samoan song called 'Minoi, Minoi, Minoi' song. Then he sang a song that his friend's and him wrote for Samoa after the tsunami. It was sad but we waved our hands in the air. He finished and sang a very popular opera song .

 When he walked back his lava lava fell off then he unrolled his jeans and tied his hair up and started to let his voice sing. It was very nice. Assembly kept going and we did sports certificates, there were over 125 kids that participated in sports this week. The sports were basketball and softball. Assembly finished with little talks from monsters and men. Team 4 and 5 had to stay back for a little korero. It was about bullying, serious bullying.

Mr Burt was disappointed, but he was disappointed for a reason. A person was too scared to go to school. It was a sad moment for our school on Friday because this boy got bullied for no reason. But then we ended our assembly and headed for our day ahead. Thankfully the boy is back at our school and is happy.

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