Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Uncle, Aunty and Cousins

On November last year I was so happy because my cousin’s and aunty and uncle. They were coming over for the first time my whole family was happy because we have not seen our cousins because they are 2 and 1 years old. They came over for a week they were staying at our house while they were on holiday. During their time that they were here we only did some things because some of us had school and work.

But on the weekend we celebrated our Papa’s birthday and then on Sunday we went to Orakei Beach and had a barbecue we had a little Christmas where we opened our presents from them and they opened our presents from us. We done this because they weren't going to be here when Christmas actually fell. Me and my cousin’s present was a chocolate mould set my older cousins were really cool clothes and the baby’s were snap backs with their name printed on them in gold or colours.

On Monday it was a hot but sad day because it was time for them to go all of my aunties were crying. Unfortunately I wasn't aloud to go to the airport so I said my goodbyes at home. This year on march the 15th my Nana went over to visit them and while she was over they had purposed to each other.

The whole family are going over for their wedding in 2014. We are having the wedding in Raro so we have to save up. This year when they come over we are going camping somewhere.

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