Monday, March 25, 2013

STKS at Point England School

On Friday at assembly we had a very special guest come and sing and play guitar his name was STKS. He was very funny and we did a few songs we all said wow of amazement because he used his guitar as a trumpet, drum and a guitar. It was interesting when he blew the trumpet out of the end of the guitar and did some songs with the drumming and playing the guitar. He sang R&B rhythm and brown and sang R&B + KFC, Which he made up on the spot.

Before he played the trumpet out of the guitar he asked us was it a trumpet and we said no so he played it, it sounded awesome but really it was just his mouth. He also sang a Samoan song

After that we did sports and then Ms Va'afusuaga said that she had remembered him when they went to the same sports camp and were in Mata ( I think ) She said he was the chanter and sang a lot of songs. And was the first person she saw do the moonwalk and play volleyball in his sandals. We all had a giggle and asked if he could sing another song. So he did he asked if we had watched pitch perfect majority of the kids said yes so he did a mash-up.

First was the boys they had to say "to the left" and the girls had to say "fresh, clean, spark, flow, wing" and then we sang price tag and a lot more. The whole school was laughing and was happy.But unfortunately we had to say by but not forever because we could see him on YouTube if we had permission.

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