Friday, March 22, 2013

An Old Man Walking Along The Beach

Walking along the beach an old man is clasping his shoes on the sand and leaving his footprints behind. He looks out to a surfer so he goes closer to the water and as white foam washes ashore along with the smell and water of the sea. Behind the surfer is a beautiful sunset. Slowly he sat down and watched the surfer ride the waves.

He pulled out some chips from his oversized grey and black coat,he thought he was watching a 3D movie. People started to see what he was looking at. They crowded around the man and saw that he was looking at so they joined him.

The surfer realised he was been watched so he did some really cool tricks to end it. The trick he ended with was the wave forming over him and he was in the middle. Then he finished and came back to shore.

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