Thursday, May 15, 2014


Echolocation is used in many way's some are different to others but not completely different I mean they still are used to help them. Many people around the world use echolocation including animals. Like bats, marine mammals and shrews.

How they use it is they emit a high pitch sound and waits for it to ricochet off an object. Its used to help them find their prey and to locate where they are going. It also creates an image inside their head.

The reason for echolocation is usually for blind people because that's how they can see. It might sound ridiculous but its because of the sound it ricochets which gives them back  a sound that is different to help them know is an object there.

Many species of bats use echolocation to help find their prey and to locate where they are going. Some marine mammals also use it to find there way around their environment. Another type of animals are shrews who are part of the mouse family.

In the USA there was a boy named Ben Underwood his mum had looked in his eyes and realised that they were like cats eyes and took him to the doctors. They found out that he had cancer and gave him treatment. The treatment went on and they realised that he had to take his eyes out or keep doing the treatment. Which he could die from.

His mum made the brave decision of replacing his eyes with prosthetic eyes. When he grew older he used echolocation to navigate his way around. You can check out his documentary but sadly two years after that his cancer came back and died from it.

Some day I would like to try and use echolocation to try and locate where I'm going.

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