Friday, November 2, 2012

2 Unlikely soldiers

Once there were a group of soldiers that had been split up in to two pairs. They all were strong and brave and had a lot of weapons but their were two unusual people that always goofed off and never paid attention. So when it became to the war they were the first to cry and get caught.

They were screaming like girls and all of the other soldiers from England & Ireland thought that it was time to have a break so they all returned to their cabin but when the other team mates were going back they saw them nearly getting killed. So they saved them and got told to go away and hid in the toilets.

They came out of the toilet and the same thing happened but instead they got recorded and stayed alive the other team came popular because they posted the video on you tube. 

At the end every body was surprised that they were still alive and they were never aloud to go to war ever again. 

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