Friday, November 9, 2012


On guy fawkes we invited a lot of people to come over for a barbeque and to celebrate guy fawkes together. It was funny when my parents were getting everything ready because I was inside sleeping. They had everything ready except for the guy fawkes. When I woke up all my cousins and uncles were staring at me. So I went outside and then my friends arrived.

We started to light the sparklers and my brother wanted to hold one and he was only three. He wasn’t burning anybody or any parts of him but after two he started to point them at  our cousins. He didn’t realise he was making him scared he just wanted another sparkler.

After the sparklers we did the roman candles by brother was holding one with my cousin and then shot it at the clos lines then it separated. WE did the huge one’s and my dads friend jumped through it for connor it was funny but the weird thing about it was that he wasn’t burnt.



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