Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Assembly

As usual the school assemblies always start off with the national anthem it just depends on what country their in. We are in new Zealand obviously. So we sing the new zealand national anthem. After that we do a quiz. It goes like this every week the principal (Mr Burt) will give us a korero our job is to remember the korero and then put our hand up next week if we still remember if we get it right then we get a sticker. Our korero this week was were doing it right.

After that goes on we normally do sports then a song and then dental and reading. This week was different we did a song then sports and then the rest.
The song we sang was drums of the island that our awesome music teacher wrote for the school. Then we sang twinkle twinkle little stars for the little people. The sports awards were for three touch teams and I think 2 basketball teams. We had athletics on Thursday so we have to hand out the awards on next friday.

Two people got reading awards and they were James and Mohammed. There were heaps of dental certificates but I lost count.

We ended the assembly with a song Bruno Mars “count on me”

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