Monday, July 8, 2013

Should Pitbulls be banned in NZ ?

Should Pitbulls be banned in NZ ?

Pit Bulls aren't that bad because sometimes the owner could be the cause of their attitude or kids that walk past tease them and make them get all angry causing them to bark or bite. Some pit bulls are actually really good and listen if people show them some love. I think they are no different than any other type of dog. Because a viscous owner could have a chihuahua and treat it bad giving them the same attitude as the pitbulls.

Some kids complain about pit bulls because they are scared when they are walking past these dogs. All pit bulls should be locked up 24/7 unless the owner is at home so they don’t run away or escape. Most people that complain should actually take a better look and stop judging these creatures from the past because some Pit Bulls are actually as friendly as any other type of dog.

That brings the question back should pitbulls be banned from NZ? No Because I like pit bulls or any other type of dogs better than cats. But for cat lovers they might say yes.

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