Monday, July 8, 2013

What Goes Around Comes Around for Snow White

What Goes Around Comes Around for Snow White
A beautiful young girl goes strolling through the forest all alone innocently. She forgets about the rules and leaves her home. She runs and tries to hide her dark, dark secret. She would tell anyone, she would only give them clues. “The spirit of the person who had me, flew away”. But what does that even mean? Can you figure it out?

Snow White stumbles upon an odd cottage deep in the thick forest trees and bushes. She thought the cottage will be a lot bigger than she thought, but then she looked even harder and she saw 7 harmless dwarves walking into the doors of the small cottage. She straitened up and ran up to the dwarves sounding puffed to trick them. All she wanted to do was to get into that small cottage so her plan could finally work.

That night, she was in a room of her own that the kind dwarves offered her and whispered to herself, “They will listen to me and they will do what I want them to do!” and laughed madly and sounded like she had gone insane. The dwarves snored loudly in their snug beds while Snow White stayed up in her bedroom to improve her plan.

The sun rose telling nature it was morning. Snow White waited by the door for the 7 dwarves to wake to tell them what she really wanted. They walked down the short staircase and saw Snow White looking as serious as ever. She took a deep breath and spoke “I am in charge of you now, you will obey me and if you don’t, your head will become an ornament for the wall!” The dwarves were scared so they listened to Snow White and they became her servants.

Snow White ordered them to do anything she didn’t want to do, which was everything. It had been months since the dwarves had a long rest and they were exhausted. The leader of the dwarves had enough of Snow White’s nonsence so it was his turn to make a plan. He stayed up all night in the time he got to himself to plan revenge on Snow White.

“Snow White we have had enough!” Doc said in the morning. “We are tired of taking orders from you and this is how it is going to be now. You are going to leave otherwise no-one will ever see you again!” but Snow White refused and stayed so Doc decided to do what the dwarves would call impossible.
Now, nobody even knows her name. Nobody knows her face and now she is just a memory to the poor dwarves that now live happily and freely without Snow White in their lives. Snow White killed her mother but now she is going to suffer with her in the same place. What goes around really does come around for Snow White.

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