Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Comparing Life In Auckland To Syria

The green is the life in Auckland and the black is the life in Syria

Waking up as the sun beamed through my disco patterned curtains I imagined I was having a daytime disco. When I stopped daydreaming, I could smell a nice hot bowl of porridge just waiting to be eaten. I put on my uniform as the coldness of the t-shirt made me shiver. I felt like I was abandoning my warm clothes . When the clock turned to 8.00 o'clock I then knew it was time to head out and demolish my breakfast.
I heard the yelling, screaming and crying when I woke up. I peeked out of the tent to see men with guns. I was scared and I just wanted to get out of here. I quickly tried to find my family to go find another place to live. Thoughts of whether I would live another day, was running through my mind. We then set out running hoping not to get killed we found a place in just outside
of Syria.

During school we learnt about charity and art projects it was okay but before we knew it was already time for the school news so I
packed up and finished my work. At lunch we played tag and volleyball. As the bell rang I was happy because it meant that it was the last block of the day.

After the bad wake up that happened this morning I was happy that I was still alive but still . It was getting really serious I  knew it was time to get to safety and quick. I don’t want this life I just want to live normal and safe.

Walking home with my friends I was wondering what was for dinner and the things that I learnt at school. When I got home I went to netball practice and had dinner after we went to sleep I sighed to myself “What a good life”

As it was time to go sleep a lot of things were running through my mind like will tomorrow be the same, will I live to see another day
and will me and my family have to put up with this.

Please don't take any offence

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  1. Hey Ashlee,

    I don't think anyone could take offence at that :) you've written really clearly how we see the differences between Auckland and Syria. I do wonder if you could've found something to put instead of "after a horrible thing" perhaps find a news article and use some details from that?

    Keep writing :) Mr. Hutchings


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